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Another Utterly Disturbing Appeal- How Can Courts Just Ignore So Much Wrong?

The appeal below is from my friend Kenneth Trent.   He’s a warrior, a fighter.   He’s not afraid to walk into a gunfight.   What I find most disturbing is just how disturbing a picture his appeal paints of what’s happening in the trial courts.   And for every one appeal that lays out the acid trip-like facts of a court system gone completely mad, tens of thousands of other cases just get thrown through the meat grinder with no one willing to document the wrong or to tell the story.

Those of us who are stuck in this hell, this hell of watching a system of justice be dismantled case by case, day by day, every single day are like shell shocked soldiers. If a crew showed up at the steps of the Statute of Liberty with wrenches and cutting torches and proceeded to start dismantling her, do you think someone would stop them and say….HEY GUYS….WHADDYA THINK YOU’RE DOING?

Well, in today’s environment, if the people who were standing up to try and stop them were you and I, normal people, we would be attacked, persecuted, attacked.

No one cares anymore….and there’s not much we can do to stop this slide into madness and tyranny.   Our courts were our last hope before bullets, riots, fires.

Oh, and did you hear that unemployment for soldiers 18-24 is 29%?   You don’t hear about that in the media….but it’s real. Real scary.

This case presents multiple issues of great public importance. Defendants
and their undersigned attorney believe, and respectfully submit, that this Court’s
decisionmaking process should take into consideration the extraordinary times in
which we as Americans find ourselves. The questions raised in this case, and in the
numerous authorities cited in this Brief, will have a great impact on the parties before
the courts both now and for many years into the uncertain future before us. While in
usual times, the decisions herein attacked and critiqued, including the one below, may
be in certain respects defensible, in light of current affairs they are simply unjust. The
matters presented implicate heavily the most fundamental of all judicial precepts:
It is the abiding hope of Defendants and their advocate that this Court will have
the wisdom to reverse the decision of the court below. While this hope is of course
motivated in good part by their own interests, Defendants also urge reversal for the
collective Good of the People of the United States of America.
Luckily the precedents are with us.

amended initial brief

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