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The Attorney General Sellout – Rewarding The Banks For Fraud….

foreclosure-fraudIt’s just disgusting.   I’m so tired of writing about this. It documents (again) how utterly sold out we have all been (again).   We are a lawless nation.   If they are able to commit such tyranny and treason right in front of our eyes, directly in front of the kleig lights with everyone watching, can you imagine what’s going on down in the nether regions?   How bout that little story with John Corzine?   No one’s talking about that now are they?   You still think the news means anything?

I got a reality check for you…it comes from Abigail Field:

The mortgage settlement signed by 49 states and every Federal law enforcer allows the rampant foreclosure fraud currently choking our courts to continue unabated. Yes, I realize the pretty language of Exhibit A  promises the banks will completely overhaul their standard operating procedures and totally clean up their acts. Promises are empty if they’re not honored, and worthless if not enforceable.

We know Bailed-Out Bankers’ promises are empty, so what matters is if the agreement is enforceable. And when it comes to all things foreclosure fraud, the enforcement provisions are laughable. But before I detail why, let’s be clear: I’m not being hyperbolic. The bankers running and profiting most from our bailed-out banks  are totally dishonest when dealing with the public, and their promises are meaningless.

To see their dishonesty in the mortgage context, read the complaint filed in the mortgage deal, or my take on it here. But the bankers don’t limit their lying, cheating and stealing to homeowners. They abuse their clients the same way. Most broadly damaging, the bankers steal from taxpayers on a federal, state and local level  and practically everybody  else too. Fraud  is  just  how they do business.  When dealing with bankers, you can’t do business on a handshake.

Abigail Field

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