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An Father’s Apocolyptic Message To His Sons

A friend shared a message with me that his father sent to him.   My friend reads my blog so he knows I have great fear for what’s happening across this country and we talk about it often, but it took the following message from his father to really get his attention and get him to start thinking seriously about the kinds of issues that cause me such concern.   Read on:

Good Morning Guys,           I am going to be leaving and headed back to South America sometime in May.   I would like to get  together with either all of you together  or singularly before I go. Other than just getting  together, I would like to discuss with you the short term and long term future of our (your) economics and  your families safety.  I talked with John a few weeks ago but have not had the chance to talk with Mark or Allen.

As you may or may not know, I am trading daily. This places me in a position to be aware of what is going on, not only in this country but around the world from an economic stand point.

We have a situation now in this country and around the world that has never existed before. To attempt to cover the conditions that exist in a few short sentences would be impossible. But bottom line is in the future, and probably the near future, we are likely to have some major  problems in this country. The dollar no longer being used as The Reserve currency will be the beginning of the total collapse of the dollar. And china, brazil, and India are all ready making plans to trade in their own currencies, not the Dollar. So basically the deflation of the dollar and eventual collapse has allready started. THE DOLLAR WILL COMPLETELY DEFLATE WHEN WE CANNOT PAY OUR DEBT WITH IT BECAUSE IT IS NOT ACCEPTED. IE IT HAS NO VALUE.

There are two kinds of people in the world, People who plan ahead and make preparations for what ever lies ahead and then those who just follow or wait until the inevitable happens and then attempt to deal with it. There is no way most of the public will be prepared. It is just not in their DNA. We all are creatures of habit.

The article above is just one of many (some a lot more detailed) I get every day in the process of researching stocks etc. There is not any one in the business of trading money or stocks that is not fully aware of what is going on not only in the US but in the world right now. These people have to deal with reality. And the reality is we are in the toilet. I would like to believe that  a change  in Washington in 2012 with a conservative group ofleaders would change things, However I believfe  it is too late. There is too much damage and the ball is allready set in motion.

The old Boy Scout Motto,   Be Prepared  is something that my Dad tried to instill in me and I would feel remiss if I did not try to do the same withyou guys.

I mentioned to Allen briefly the possibility of you guys going together and purchasing a piece of land outside of any metropolitan area. Kind of a refuge. There are many things you can do in the next one, two, or three years. Be Prepared. Have a little cash on hand, Have good transportation, Have arms and ammunition, and know (practice) how to use them.  And possibly have the ability to get food or have plenty of it stored. There are volumes of things to do to be prepared on the internet.

Believe me when I say this. It is not a question of if this economy will fail. It is only a question of When. Probably sooner than later.

I have my property in Guatemala, so I feel that I will be in goodshape. i also have two friends (americans) that are building next to me as I write this. I have to leave because I do not  have the money to continue to live here. Plus I will be supervising the construction of one of the homes next to me.

Please try to remain  a little liquid. Then you can last longer in a transitional period. I hope you don’t think that I am consumed with a dooms-day attitude, but you have your families to consider and your judgment is imperative.   If it turns out that I am wrong, then your preparation will not have gone to waste.    I f I am right, your preparation will certainly not have gone to waste.

Even though we don’t see much of each other I love you guys and want the best for you and your families, Just remember that and be prepared.

Love,     Dad

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