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Most Allonges Do Not Comply With The Law!

Read carefully.   Most allonges that get dropped into court files are just dropped in….I’ve yet to see one that is “permanently” attached to the note it purports to endorse.   Most allonges are just floating around in the court file….not “permanent” by any stretch of the imagination.   I argue that stapling an allonge to the note does not comply with the UCC….but if you ever start looking at these things, pay particular attention to the staple holes between the allonge and the original note.   Kinda hard to make the argument that the allonge is permanently affixed when the staple holes don’t even match up.

If the allonge don’t line up, ownership don’t hold up, standing don’t hold up.   Standing confers jurisdiction and if no standing, no jurisdiction.   A judgment without jurisdiction is void or voidable…..FOREVER.


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  • litgant says:

    Mr. Weidner, this stuff about these allonges is important. You are correct as most I have seen have never been attached to a note. There are no staple marks in the note that anything was ever attached. Most of these documents are fraud in the first place. Created by some persons who cannot be found or to even exist. Many defense lawyers are not attacking these allonges. Thanks sir for being out there in the front again defending as a good defense lawyer should.

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