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AMERIKA- This Is The Dawing of The Age of Nefarious…

This is the dawning of the age of nefarious, age of nefarious.

I know many of you remember that song, right?   You 60’s folks hanging out there on Haight Ashbury protesing the war.   If you don’t remember the song or you’ve never heard it.   Stop reading now.   Click this link and have ” The Age of Aquarius” playing in the background as you read this.     A few years back a few crazy hippies envisioned a world of enlightenment, a world of education and research and humanity. They naively thought that this new era would bring peace and a better world.

In my naïve vision, I thought that attorneys, driven in the pursuit of the Rule of Law, also stood for a higher calling”¦.and that adherence to the stated principles of the profession and the pursuit and practice of The Law would serve all of the world as we walked hand and hand into that much better place. I’m naive enough to still believe this….I still believe that the brightest light of my beloved calling, The Law, will yet shine.   This noble profession, this highest expression of human value embodied in the principled practice of law still has a chance to come shining through.   Many of the heroes of this nation were lawyers, principled men who were slavishly devoted to the system and beliefs that were to stand the test of time.

But something happened not so long ago.   The Law yielded and gave way to FIRE”¦.I just learned that phrase today from an exceptional article in Al Jazeera. I’m sure you’ll be put on a watch list somewhere by clicking on this link and reading this story….SO BE CAREFUL… FIRE is Finance, Investment and Real Estate.   The proposition of the article is that FIRE will indeed burn.   Burn our world’s financial system down to the ground. And with it will come our legal, social and political order.   It didn’t need to be this way, but it is so because The Law and lawyers yielded to the minions of FIRE.

The FIRE started right here in Gotham, then raged like an inferno out all across the United States and now around the world.   The FIRE burns in courtrooms all across this country, despite the best efforts of good lawyers and judges to beat back the flames. FIRE has consumed all of our government”¦remember”¦the one singular responsibility of government was to protect us.   Protect us from ourselves, from each other, from enemies both foreign and domestic.   But our government failed entirely in this most essential function.

But it did not.   Instead ” It” and by ” It” I mean every level and form and mutation of the bodies that were supposed to be governing and protecting.   If you’re still stuck or married to party labels”¦if you think Democrat or Republican matter one bit, then switch back to NBC Nightly News”¦they’ll continue to give you all the news you need to know.

The reality is we have all descended into a most disturbing and disquieting age”¦..The Age of Nefarious.   And although this is certainly not the first one, this will undoubtedly be the worst one for you and I.   As we all scream in the descent down the worm hole, think of the very best qualities of the good lawyers that you have known.   Think of our nation’s elder statesman lawyers. Principled men possessed of logic, wisdom, reason, discretion, integrity and fairness.   There exists in this most disquieting moment of time a cavernous void of leadership”¦a space begging to be filled”¦and space should be filed not with FIRE, but with The LAW.

Ignore for a moment all religious context of these next couple statements.   I ain’t no preacher and this ain’t church. The following are historical statements that are not subject to any real dispute, it’s the context of these statements that cause all the argument and conflict”¦so just stick with the facts and ignore the rest”¦.

Jesus Christ was real, he walked the earth, he screamed , he hollared, he used social media to take on the biggest powers of the time. He took on the banks, he ran into the temple and he threw the Dimons and Blankenfelds and Bernakes and Paulsons out.   He lived in a time of proound social inequality and gross and out of control government and corporate corruption.   He was given every opportunity to walk away, turn his back, turn his cheek , not interfere with what the big shots had going on, but he just couldn’t leave well enough alone.   He was a loudmouth,   a troublemaker.   He was locked up. He was imprisoned, he was beaten, but he would not shut up.   He was labeled a ” domestic belligerent” under the NDAA, his internet privileges were suspended under the SOPA and he was nailed to a cross in a FEMA camp.   He did not stop until he was dead.   He kept screaming while he hung up there on that FEMA-issued cross.   (His family was later billed $3.50 for each of the four spikes that were used to pin him up on the cross by the private corporation that had been awarded the contract to run his camp.)

Paul the Apostle despised that boy named Jesus Christ.   He was certain that the boy was a terrorist, a criminal, an enemy of the state.   Paul campaigned against old Jessie and pledged to destroy him.   He set about to carry out his plan and was well on the way until he had his ” Ah Ha!”, lightning-strike moment, then he turned around.   He became a card-carrying solider for the movement he pledged to destroy.     He joined the movement and demanded that those in power turn the ship around. He traveled especially to a place that was much like Tampa Bay.   Corinth was a raucous, seaside city filled with nightclubs, karoke bars and neon-flashing signs.   He wrote a few blog posts warning the Corinthians that the cheese was rotten in Denmark. He too was warned to shut up or face the consequences. He was labled a ” domestic belligerent” under the NDAA and he was sued and arrested under the provisions of the SOPA.   While he sat in the FEMA adjustment camp paying his price, and without access to the internet, he wrote his letters the old fashioned way”¦he secretly tatooed them onto the back of his cell mate.   When the private contractor learned that Paul’s letters were written while he was a guest at their camp, they claimed copyright and have been collecting royalties every single time his pesky letters are reprinted.

Martin Luther was a Catholic monk. He lived, by choice, under the strict rules of the Catholic church in Germany.   But then he started thinking about all the rules and the traditions and the requirements that were imposed on him and the loyal followers of the faith, then realized that the church had become utterly and completely corrupted.   He swallowed his oath of silence for the first month or two, then because his head was exploding with such a torrent of data, he had to figure a way to get the data out.   He started tapping his foot to communicate with anoher monk named Morris. Over a series of years, he and Morris developed a highly sophisticated language code that allowed both of them to communicate.   They both pinkie swore to keep it secret.   The CIA learned about this code and demanded to be let in on the secret.   Luther refused. The CIA then subcontracted the job to get the code out to Blackwater.   Blackwater operatives sprung Morris from the monastery, spirited him away to Vegas where he gave up the secret code, forever (improperly) known as Morris Code.   But the story behind Morris Code was just an aside.   Luther’s other contribution was far more important.   Betrayed by Morris and fed up entirely with everyone and everything, Luther sat down and pounded away furiously on his laptop.   Like an enraged spouse, he detailed each and every last gripe he had ever harbored about his spouse, the Catholic church”¦.there were 95 in total.  Because he too had been labeled a ” domestic belligerent” under the NDAA and his Facebook account had been suspended pursuant to SOPA, he was not able to post his complaints for all the world to see.   So he got creative, he developed a new form of social media and hammered his 95 bitches on the door of the Wittenberg Cathedral. That was in Germany around 1500.

When Daniel Defoe wrote his Hymn to The Pillory, a blog post first published around 1600 in England, he satirically argued that the poor should be executed, burned and tortured because they dared to be poor and unfortunate and problematic to the leadership and businesses at the time.   Defoe’s work was immediately seized as an action plan by the Republican Party.   Roger Ailes trademarked the campaign then rolled it out on billboards all across English countryside.     The problem was ” they” didn’t realize Defoe’s ” Burn The Poor!” campaign was satire and that skinny, poor people didn’t burn all that well.   The modern day equivalent of Defoe’s campaign can be seen in the legislation coming out of Tallahassee that suggests we should, ” Speed Up Foreclosures! Throw Them Into the Streets!”, but that’s off-topic”¦stay focused here.   Anywhoo, Danny too was labeled a ” domestic belligerent” but, because of a technicality argued by a lawyer his father hired for him, they were not able to legally restrict his internet privledges under SOPA.   When the Supreme Court found out about this glitch in the new, privately-funded JustUs Systemâ„¢, Defoe’s lawyer was disbarred and the private contractor that had been awarded the contract to run the court system was penalized.   They rolled out ” The Fixâ„¢” the next day. ” The Fixâ„¢” was patented, billed as an add-on to the contract then rolled out nationwide the next day.  A key element of the patent was a program add on called, ” First thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyersâ„¢”.   They did in fact, Kill All The Lawyersâ„¢.   Defoe was tried again, convicted under SOPA and taken away to a FEMA camp.   Hallejulia, The JustUsâ„¢ system prevailed again.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was the third son born to Martin Luther. Like Luther’s first two sons, Martin Luther first went off to work for Goldman Sachs as a derivatives trader in New York City.     One night, on his way back to his posh Park Avenue apartment and after a long night of drinking absinth, he was consumed by a vision.   Unbeknown to his father, either of his brothers or his bosses at Goldman, Luther had secretly mastered SQL code.   Using his mastery of this code he pounded out and launched a new website.   He first insisted that the site be called, ” I HAVE A DREAM!”, but when he logged onto Godaddy, much to his frustration, the domain name had been taken, so he was forced to call his dream something else, so he went with his second choice and called his dream, ” YouTube””¦and so YouTube was born.   Luther, Jr’s   hedge fund managers planned the launch of the IPO to coincide with a parade that was being held in Selma, Alabama.   They figured all the Google hits would be magic for the launch, but Luther resisted and started fighting back against his own board of directors.   This fight became known as the Civil Rights Movement, and his little dust up became one of the more famous of the dustups that were raging in the southern region of the internet.     Luther would not let up. He would not relent.   He would not just shut up.   You guessed it, he too was labeled a ” domestic belligerent” under the NDAA. His idea and his site were seized under the national security provisions of the SOPA and Martin Luther King, Jr. was awarded an all expense paid indefinite detention at a FEMA camp in warm and sunny Montana, USA.


Pursuant to Executive Order 1061, signed first into law by President Ronald Kennedy, later ratified and approved by Congress and subsequently approved by the United States Supreme Court pursuant to the Emergency Declaration Powers (EPD), I now announce that Martial Law has been declared across all of the nation formerly known as The United States of America.

The Emergency Declaration Powers is a ” lost” provision of the United States Constitution that was secretly embedded within the original Constitution by each of our nation’s founding forefathers.   The code has been know, but was only revealed in and between the sacred few, whom it can now be revealed are indeed called ” The Illumanti”.

It is true that many millions of entities formerly known as ” people” have been removed and no longer known to those of you that are listening to this message.   Those that are gone will not be returning.   They were deemed incompatible with the strict requirements of the new world that you are all welcome to be part of.

During the next 72 hours, each and every man, woman and child who is hearing this message will have a choice.   You may either submit to this new world, or you may choose to resist.  The apparatchik formerly known as the military of the United States of America is positioned at key points in locations all across the geographic boundaries   formerly known as the United States is prepared to engage all who do choose to resist.   Anyone who chooses to leave their residence or who attempts to leave their pre-determined Adjustment Zone will be deemed a domestic belligerent and a threat to order.   If you choose to become a domestic belligerent at any time during the next 72 hours or at any time thereafter, you will neutralized with no further warning.

Make the choice that suits you and await further instructions.