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A Lawyer Walks Into A Courtroom And Screams…..”FIRE!”

mortgage-foreclosuresThousands of lawyers all across the country have indeed been screaming FIRE in courtrooms.   They’ve been doing it for years now, and for many of those years they were ignored, sometimes attacked, most often diminished or disregarded.   I of course am talking about the “New” acronym FIRE- Finance, Insurance/Investment, Real Estate. The word first appeared in an article in Al Jazeera.   If you click on the link and read the story, you will be added to the list of low level Domestic Belligerents by the federal government, pursuant to the terms of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012.   If you share the link you will immediately be placed on an NDAA watch list.   And if you comment on the article, they will place your name high up on the roundup list and you’ll be taken down first when the feds start sweeping down. (Unless you leave comments that the article is all garbage and that the reporters are terrorists and that the whole thing is made up garbage…you’ll still be on the list for reading the article but you’ll get a higher bunkbed at the camp.)

So now that you’ve received your full warning, you’ve got to decide…..are you going to click on the link? Do you want to know what is this year’s most underreported story?   Can you handle the consequences that come from being privy to such dangerous information? Are you ready to pay the ultimate price for daring to seek   out information?   Ok then, you were warned…..CLICK HERE IF YOU DARE

OK, that was just a test.   If you’re still committed. If you’re still ready to pay the price.   Then you really do need to click on this Al Jazeera article and read the full story.   The basic proposition is that we are all still being lied to.   The government has not and will not do its job to protect us or prosecute all those who did so much wrong.   Now why do we have to rely on foreign media to tell the story? (Answer: Americans are too distracted, disconnected, dumb) This continues unabated with no response that matters.

I practice in courtrooms   where judges largely get the implications of all of this and they are doing something about it. They are applying the rules and the law fairly and correctly. They are not assuming the banks are correct or entitled. They are not just accepting evidence at face value. They are listening to defense arguments that are made correctly and they are ruling appropriately when defense attorneys do their job.

Eventually, all of our courts will wake from the slumber.   Our courts will recognize that The Law must not yield to the lies, the shortcuts, the fraud of overcharged commerce.   Our courts will again assume the proper function of reigning in business that has gone wild and out of control.   Our courts will remember that laws exist to protect all of us.   Laws even exist to protect the wrongdoers from their own worst impulses.   Had our existing laws and regulations been enforced early on when the FIRE started we would be in far worse shape.   But our courts bowed to the alter of overheated commerce. Our courts prayed to false profits.   But now our courts will start to turn this ship around. They simply must do this. And they must begin to do this now.

You can forget about elected and appointed officials…for proof of this look no further than the efforts by legislators in Florida who want to pass things like the Florida (un)Fair Foreclosure Act of 2012…they really just do not get it.

But I do have some bit of hope for Greg Stube’s Bill.   We can at the very least work with him. And if we can all sit at the table and talk, that’s a very positive first step.


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