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ACLU Petition To Review Rocket Docket….DENIED! Everyone Move Along…..

ACLU-ForeclosuresYou remember the ACLU Petition?   And the Response….and all the painstaking details and facts and allegations?

Read them all here.…then forget it all, because it doesn’t matter.   None of it happened.   None of all that matters.

Move along.   Nothing to see here.


2nd DCA Docket


  • old guy says:

    Matt, what did you expect? This is just one group of judges protecting another group of judges. Don’t get confused or frustrated over facts or law. Our judges are infallible, just like Him above.

  • John Anderson says:

    Being a lay person I don’t know how it works, but one of the problems our legal system is suffering from is the lack of enforcement of the state Bar Associations Code of misconduct by attorneys and judges. I know of no other totally self regulated group.
    Physicians/Architects/Engineers/Pilots/Police/Firemen/Teachers, have there associations that regulate them, and have the power to discipline members, but are still not immune from oversight from the government.
    I know of no way to compel the Barr Associations from enforcing their Code of Conduct properly or fairly.
    It seems the legal profession is the only self regulating profession in the US.
    I would think that if Doctors ran the government, you would have the right to a Physician, “if you can’t afford a Physician one will be appointed.”
    I guess the state legislature could pass a law forming a board of lay person’s to have some power over lawyers and judges, but considering the number of lawyer/legislators we have in office, the ignorance&apathy of the populous I don’t see it happening.
    So you and other attorneys who value the law and are repulsed by infractions of the legal community must work within that community.

    But as I said at the beginning.
    “Being a lay person I don’t know how it works”

  • John Anderson says:

    I would think that the ACLU would appeal to the Federal courts, as the actions of certain Florida courts are clearly not following the civil rules of procedure or the law.

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