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Two Reporters Arrested….For Recording A Public Meeting….


But sir, you can’t arrest me, this is a public meeting and I’m a reporter…..

(You think that in America the reporter would be safe….right?)

Well just have a look at this violent confrontation…..


I’m going to stop asking, what has our country come to….because we already know…..


  • John Anderson says:

    Just like the police do not like videoing of their arrest and crowd control, the commissions want to limit what the public can see. It’s hard to argue with video. That’s the only thing that has kept police violence down where it is, and it is the only thing they fear or respect. If we could have all court proceedings, and government meetings videoed and archived a lot of corruption would be eliminated.
    If we can’t get reforms like cameras in the courthouse and public meetings like C SPAN, then we should perhaps burn these places down that are supposed to belong to the public, but keep the public’s eyes and ears out?

  • frustrated says:

    Matt – is this real – is it possibly true – does DC have open public meetings or not? Am I missing something?

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