How dare each and every one us allow those among us to stand in front of the bullets and watch their friends be burned alive so that we can sleep “safely” in our homes, sent into harm’s way to protect and support the interests of corporations and their government conspirators here at home.

And while our men and women fight abroad, here at home, they are being abused and disrespected…and their families are being abused and disrespected.  If you don’t think often of those that serve, you should. And as you watch this video, think about why these men and women were sent abroad to fight.  Consider that as powerful as the emotions of relief and happiness that are shown in this video, there are tens of thousands of other stories that end in life ending grief.

For every mother that cries tears of joy seeing her son return.  For every father that holds his tough honorable son who has returned from the battlefield and refuses to let go.

Think of the tens of thousands of family members who live with the never ending grief of a loved one who paid the ultimate price.  Sons and daughters that will not walk through those doors.  Fathers that will not see their children grow up.  Daughters that will not know the depth of their father’s love. Think of them when you watch this video…..


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