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OUTRAGE! US Phone Companies Make Money Charging US Government For Spying On Customers…..

This is just crazy.  But so consistent.  Corporations do not do anything for free…even when it comes to spying on their own customers….at the direction of World Fascism Spymaster, the US Government…..

This sounds absolutely insane, but the phone companies are actually charging the government big money…..

Where is the outrage?  Why are people not protesting? Where does it end?

How much are your private conversations worth to the U.S. government? Turns out, it can be a lot, depending on the technology.


In the era of intense government surveillance and secret court orders, a murky multimillion-dollar market has emerged. Paid for by U.S. tax dollars, but with little public scrutiny, surveillance fees charged in secret by technology and phone companies can vary wildly.


AT&T, for example, imposes a $325 “activation fee” for each wiretap and $10 a day to maintain it. Smaller carriers Cricket and U.S. Cellular charge only about $250 per wiretap. But snoop on a Verizon customer? That costs the government $775 for the first month and $500 each month after that, according to industry disclosures made last year to Congressman Edward Markey.


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