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A Thief Can Steal A Home and The Coming Law of The Street

It is the law in the State of Florida that a thief can steal your home.   This is the law of the banks.   This fact should be quite disturbing to every single person in America, and especially to every single person in the State of Florida, but not at all surprising.   All of America is of course aware that the banks are already looting our 401k’s and retirement funds.   All of America understands that our nation’s attorney generals discovered serious fraud and wrongdoing among most of the major banks. They then inked a secret deal that will apparently let them all walk away Scott free.   But first the banks will be permitted to extort some money from your retirement account to pay off the attorney generals.   This is the law of the banks.

I am litigating several cases right now where the banks have broken down doors, drilled out locks.   Property has gone missing. Cold beers were drank then left opened on counters. Many times the same homes are broken into over and over.   If law enforcement does come out to investigate, the banks explain they are permitted to break in, no matter the rights of the homeowner. This is the law of the banks.   In several cases, the homeowner is not in foreclosure, but this doesn’t matter. The banks explain to me and to judges that they have the right to break down doors, change the locks, ” secure the property”. This is the law of the banks.

And we learn just today that even in the case of the failed investment firm MF Global where at least $1 billion of client funds were reported missing, it does not look like the thieves and criminals will face any prosecution.   The banks own you.   They own ” their” elected officials.   The banks hold each of us captive, slaves to their debt lifeblood while they are provided even greater rewards for successfully perpetuation of their criminal enterprises compliments of the government they use to suppress dissent and persecute the slaves and the victims of their crimes.   This is the law of the banks.

And so it should come as no surprise that the banks stand before Florida’s elected circuit court judges and explain that even if a homeowner proves a bank forged a note or otherwise engaged in fraud and set in motion that fraud to foreclose on your home, this law, their law, demands that the judge reward the criminals and throw his neighbor out into the street.   This is the law of the banks.

Last week an attorney showed me a case with four separate improper assignments of mortgage and questionable affidavits.   This attorney had been battling in front of a good judge and the bank had been forced to amend their complaint five separate times, but still the bank was permitted to continue their march to throw this family into the street.   The court was told to ignore the assignments of mortgage, told they forgeries and falsehoods didn’t matter”¦directed the court to just ignore them all and focus only on the fact that this Plaintiff presented the court with an original promissory note”¦.with an obviously forged endorsement on it.   Again the court was directed that it must ignore the obviously forged endorsement.   This really is quite extraordinary, but this is the law according to the banks.  A homeowner cannot challenge an obviously forged endorsement, hell even the court cannot challenge it.   That is the law of the banks.

I have watched for years as the banks crush people and grind them down.   I have gone directly into the gladiator pit where teams of bank sponsored lawyers gang up, bully and pounce upon the taxpayer.   I am disgusted by their offices with their unlimited resources, their threats, their intimidation, their support staff, their obscenely opulent offices and gurgling chocolate fountains. I am the taxpayer that bailed them out, I am paying for that chocolate fountain and it infuriates me, but I have no voice. This is the law of the banks.

The banks march forward in a sickening, soulless march, supported by a web of amoral laws and fabricated ” facts” which must either be accepted by ” our” courts or rejected by ” our” courts to fit whatever outcome the banks demand.   They say if the law is on your side you pound on the law and if the facts are on your side, you pound on the facts and that if neither are on your side, you pound on the table.   The banks are not so limited.   They simply pound on everything at once, including the taxpayer that they owe their very existence to.   This is the law of the banks.

And still it’s not enough.   The banks have their unfair and absurd laws, their forgeries, their lies, their fraud and their fake ” facts”, but still it’s not enough.   Even as I write this, the banks and the lawmakers they own here in Florida are passing new laws and forging new ground that will make it even easier for them to throw Floridians into the streets even faster.   By a 94 to 17 margin today, Florida’s legislators chose once again to reward the wrongdoers, to draft and pass yet again laws that reward the wrongdoers and punish you, their benefactors.   This is the law of the banks.

Now mind you, here we are after years into this crisis of white collar criminality and not a word is spoken about punishing any of the banks or their minions or their lawyers for their lies, their crimes and their fraud.   Hundreds of formal complaints and investigations and hundreds of thousands of examples of wrongdoing and not a single word, much less any legislative proposal or action that speaks to all that wrongdoing, but our state’s lawmakers can in fact pass laws that will make the jobs of the banks even easier.   They are not ” our” lawmakers, they are ” their” lawmakers.   These are not our laws.   These are not the laws of man. These are not the laws of a fair and a just and an honorable society. These are the laws of greed and avarice and tyranny and evil. This is the laws of the banks.

Since the financial collapse of 2008 all of America has been indoctrinated everyday about their laws.   Long before 2008, they stuck their hands in our pockets and helped themselves to small change then the smaller bills.   After 2008, they took every bit of cash in our pockets, then they maxed out our credit cards, then they sold us all into indentured servitude.   We work today not for ourselves or our children or the future of this formerly free nation.   Since 2008 and until the cataclysm comes, we all work to serve the banks.   This is the law of the banks.

In the years to come when there will be calls for shared sacrifice and decreased services and increased suffering from the masses, the law of the banks will be supplanted by a dangerous and far more explosive body of law.   The law of the streets. The banks will only be able to pass so many laws that represent their grossly unequal and corrupted influence on elected officials before a new law takes over. The law of the streets. The banks will only be able to keep up the stream of payments on our nation’s investment and retirement Ponzi scheme for so long before a new law takes over. The law of the streets. The banks will only be able to throw so many of our neighbors into the streets before a new law takes over. The law of the streets.

They should not take such comfort in their law today.   They should not stand in courtrooms and so boldy exclaim, ” A Thief Can Steal a Home!”   They should not stand in the legislative houses they own slapping each other on their backs, congratulating themselves for the work they’ve done.   They should not read their appellate briefs and be impressed with the yarn they’ve woven together.   All of this only infuriates and fuels the fires of angst and anger that are already burning across this fractured nation.

But all things change. And all of this will too.


  • Tom says:

    Matt, you write: “… The court was told to ignore the assignments of mortgage, told they (sic) forgeries and falsehoods didn’t matter”¦directed the court to just ignore them all and focus only on the fact that this Plaintiff presented the court with an original promissory note”¦.with an obviously forged endorsement on it. Again the court was directed that it must ignore the obviously forged endorsement.”

    If this is indeed the case, you and that other defense attorney have an ethical responsibility to report the bank’s lawyer to The Florida Bar. The Bar has yet to receive such a case of an ” obviously forged endorsement” presented in a sworn complaint about the plaintiff lawyer presenting it to a court.

    It’s long past the time for rhetoric. You are doing a great service by keeping the dialogue going and the issues at the forefront. Use your bully pulpit to get complaints with ” evidence” filed with The Florida Bar. Reporting on the ” stories” just isn’t enough.

    • I obtained a certified copy of an affidavit filed in another case, the affidavit has been posted online elsewhere, I’ve spent too many years of my life filing formal complaints, working with investigators….they couldn’t care less.

      • me says:

        both defense attorneys and plaintiff’s attorneys have to spend so much time trying to earn a living that neither can create good case law on appeal. of course with some of the huge, unearned attorney fees awarded to defense attorneys one would hope at least a couple of them would not just take to money and run but get some real cases with good fact patterns to take on appeal.

    • Concerned Reader says:

      Tom makes a good point, an attorney may have a duty to report misconduct by the bank’s lawyer to The Florida Bar. Believe that is Rule 4-8.3 Reporting Professional Misconduct.

      However Matt correctly notes that formal complaints often go nowhere, and I would add, may subject the complainant to retaliation.

      Since the affidavit has been posted online elsewhere, can Tom make a complaint himself? If so, this may be the way to go. Tom is right, “Reporting on the “stories” just isn’t enough.” But there is also not enough hours in the day for any one lawyer to make the necessary complaints, which are ignored anyway, and may lead to retaliatory complaints against the complaining lawyer.

      If people like Tom are able to make complaints, that may be a way to get the public involved so they can see first hand how the discipline process works, or fails to work.

  • Chris says:

    Keep the fight up Matt!!! We need more people like you. Encourage people to start going after the Robo Notaries, and the Notaries that aid the Robots. I hate going after the little guy, but if enough are fearful they might stop making our Official Land records a crime scene. And in case you are interested MERS posted an update on their thread yesterday claiming that MERS is the “legal industry standard for e-participating”. Really, look under their forum under techinical. So it’s also the law of MERS now

  • flex says:

    And you thought you had heard the last yet. Here is another great article by Matt. Please read it and share it with everyone. We must let the whole country and the whole world know who rules this country. If you don’t want to be a slave of the banks, do something about it. No wonder there isn’t any prosecution against anyone who breaks the law. How can any banks’ attorneys engage in wrong doing unless they know the judges are also engaging in the same wrong doing. With today’s technology is there a way to set up the attorneys and the judges and expose them to the public and the US government so justice finally can be served? As long as we have Senators, regulators, law makers, under the payroll of the banks, we will never get out of this mess. America, you better kiss your country, your freedom goodbye, because there will be a fight. They can not keep putting fuel into the fire and expect not to burst.
    So, who is going to the bank today and withdraw all their money and put it in a small local bank or in a independent credit union? I closed my BofA a long time ago. I also closed my Wells Fargo. I am opening an account with Tech Credit Union.

  • Matt, Thank you for all of your good work. AB 284 passed in Nevada and the result was that 90% of all NOD’s were halted. The inventory of available homes for sale is down and prices are starting to increase. There are some self serving members of the Real Estate Profession who blame the law for their lack of sales and are actively working to amend it.One even suggested, in an article in the local RE publication, that it should be amended by regulation! Here is the link:

  • Kathy Utiss says:


    Another great article. My heart as well of thousands of American’s are with you in this evil fight. Evil is a polite word for what they do. I’ve still be unable to figure out why they knocked of a great grandfather and made another disappear. However, the info I’ve figured out to me is crucial in understanding just how far back this corruption machine goes.

    I now have been able to determine I’m the great grand daughter of Hollywood’s Real Katie O’Hara. She wasn’t a fictional character after all. I’m from St. Louis MO but my family was from the Kansas City and St. Joesph MO area. My great grandfather had a company called the Henry Schuster Cattle Company. At any rate his relatives were Adam N. Schuster a Colonel in the Union Army-and August Schuster. They were some of the 1st Capitalist in this country. One of the banks they had was National. I figured out that two of the four principals died under mysterious if not murderous conditions. One was John Calhoun, the other Louis A. Hax. If anyone knows a lot about Abe they know John Calhoun helped him get into surveying before becoming an atty here near me in IL. They were like best friends.

    Adam was involved with numerous people as were the other people in my family. Needless to say I figured out just how bad some of us may of been lied to the hard way. I won’t be silent. People need to continue to be EDUCATED.

    I’m not pro Union or Confederate, I don’t live in the time that they did but wonder as I try to track who what where when and why what actually is next.

    In Nov-Jan 09 I received two separate recusals for trying to stop the crisis we now have been living with for several years. They don’t want a way to stop the madness. Their only intent is to lie cheat and steal. I’m a strong advocate like you! May you CONTINUE TO BE BLESSED! If my video isn’t acceptable please remove at your discretion. But thought you may want to see it…

  • Matt if you were running for Governor I would vote for you in an instant. YOU ARE 100% CORRECT. The foreclosure crisis is really made of to two types of people 1. Those who see injustices and understand the causes beginning with the Gramm Leach Bliley Act of 1999, and 2. Those persons whose bank accounts or professions were either helped or not directly hurt by the big banks and Wall Streets mutual destruction of the American economy starting in 2008. Florida Rep. Kathleen Passidomo is a Naples Florida neighbor and lackey of medicare fraud criminal Governor Rick Scott. The banks through the Florida Bankers Association lobbied our mega millionaire Governor for months and then Scott recruited Passidomo and went to work. Scott and Passidomo simply steamrolled this bill through a rich man’s legislature (you can’t win public office anymore unless your rich) and it mattered not how much fraud the Banks committed. This is simply a case of Mexican (see Man On Fire with Denzel Washington)justice, where the government is bought and paid for by the criminals. The Florida Senate will rubber stamp this horrendous piece of garbage law on March 9 and then the Banks fun will begin and many innocent families will be forced into the streets without an honest day in court. So now what is our option Matt? First, we have to challenge this law in the Florida Supreme Court as unconstitutional and yes, that takes years and is expensive. Second, we all have to toughen up and make a list of every Florida lawmaker who signed this garbage into law and campaign to remove them from office and replace them with legislators and a Governor who represents the people and not the crooked banks. DO NOT GIVE UP THE FIGHT PEOPLE, yes it’s bad but not the end unless we all wimp out and give up. It’s tough but remember, right always comes out on top in the end. Hitler, Stalin and Mao all thought that their way would last forever and now we dance on their graves. We will dance on the Bankers graves in the future.

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