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Another in the continuing series on how a Thief Can Steal Your Home.

All across this country, the garbage Countrywide loans are being foreclosed on and Americans thrown into the street, many times based on nothing more than a simple endorsement. To be valid an endorsement must actually be authorized and valid.   But far too often, the signatures and purported endorsements are not even challenged…


The argument presented by the banks is that the endorsements do not matter, and that no one can challenge these signatures.   By extension, this argument suggests that not even judges could question signatures when presented with obvious forgeries.

The alleged endorsements were highlighted to me by my friend David at Case Clarity

Look closely, it looks like two endorsements, two signatures, correct?   Well, no, they’re not actually signatures at all….the “signatures” are just ink stamps.   But that’s not what’s most interesting.

At first blush it looks like two separate stamps, but when you compare this stamp to many of the other stamps, they “both” line up perfectly and exactly.   Which suggests that the figure above is really made by one singular stamp made to look like two stamps.   Now did Meder stamp this? Did Sjolander stamp this?   And if neither stamped it, did either stamp it?

Oh, but right, we’re not even allowed to make such inquiry correct?





  • John says:


    I can send you another that is exactly the same. It is one stamp.
    How do I send you a copy?


  • Last night I finished my case with the final discovery of lawyer that notarized mortgage note is also part of Law Firm that did settlement statement see line #1107 for fee I paid for something that never occurred. So more pics with these bad eyes,I will do my best.
    Summary:Wilk Silver Doelps LLC
    Attn:Mike Doelps,1000 Germantown Pk.Plymouth Meeting PA
    I will put all pics on line today at y photos judesworld.mcdonald3@Gmail

  • Ginger says:

    I have the identical double stamp. I’m wondering how many of these double stamps are floating around. Are they sold for $25 like the MERS corporate stamps? For my case, the original complaint had attached only the alleged blank endorsement of the original lender, then a year later in discovery, this double stamp showed up on a second copy of the alleged note.

    Allowing copies of the alleged note to foreclose helps mask the stamped signatures. I will never understand how copies of the notes could be allowed in court. The UCC plainly says the party entitled to enforce must be in possession of the INSTRUMENT when the case commences (except in the case of a lost note, but even then, proof of having possession when the note is lost is required). The UCC states that the word “instrument” means “negotiable instrument.”

    A copy of a note is no more negotiable than the copy of a check, which is governed by the same section of the UCC. For my personal file, I made a copy of a check received for a returned payment from one of the big banks and guess what? On the copy, the word VOID appeared all over the face of the check.

    Now we all know that the bank must protect its interests, right? The bank would not want that check to be negotiated multiple times or by multiple parties, now would it?

    As you have said, Matt, WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE!

  • penni says:

    Just a day ago, I was asking about the stamping of signitures and is it legal?
    You can’t stamp your closing papers!

  • Ryan says:

    I have one of these with the same exact signatures as well, proof that it is a stamp. How can we get the case thrown out?

  • Glenn says:

    Does anyone have access to a deposition transcript of LAURIE MEDER? She is one of the stamped signatories. Michele Sjolander’s deposition transcript is available by searching the net, and it is a doozy – she “never signed a note” but she believes she did sign a power of attorney… somewhere…

    It appears that any deposition of Ms. Meder (thought to be in the Simi Valley BofA offices) has not yet hit the public arena.

    I’m also looking for any transcript of deposition for Tampa BofA employee / officer LISA ZARCONE, pertaining to affidavits of regularity and completeness of foreclosure documentation. These are preprinted affidavits.

    The other names currently of interest are EDWARD GALLEGOS, MERS “Assistant Secretary”, and SAIRA BHAMANI, Los Angeles County notary # 1921241, pertaining to a MERS assignment that has all the hallmarks of robo signing, including notarial seal on separate paper when the first page contains a notarial format that was crossed out.

    Thanks to sharp eyes and questioning minds – one must literally suspend disbelief to operate in this area of defense. It is more than alarming.

    • charisse says:

      Did you find out any more info on Laurie Meder. This is pivitol to my case.
      Thank you, charisse

    • Larry Pifer says:

      Edward Gallegos signed an Assignment of Deed of Trust for MERS to New York Bank Mellon for our property. I checked public records across the US and I have downloaded Deeds of Trusts done by Edward Gallegos for MERS and if they are done on the same day the signatures are the same. I have six different sets of documents done by Gallegos that have six, all together, different signatures. These documents come from states that have non judicial foreclosures. The notary was Evette Ohanian and I found two altogether official notary seals for the notary from Ventura County, CA that expires on 2015.

      • Bonnie Holscher says:

        I have an Assignment of Deed prepared by Edward Gallegos and signed by a Jane Martorana. My account was transfered from BofA after I sent a QWR. I disputed the debt and am now in written debate with the validity of the individuals who prepared and signed my document. I have discrepancies for Jane. Is it possible to get access to the documents you have with Edwards signatures.

      • Anyone having Edward Gallegos docs please fax them to me at 253-333-9039 or call 206-255-6324 I need them for an attorneys case.

  • albert says:


    i need to compare it, i found they are even different (title and signature)

  • TJ says:

    I have the exact same stamp on my note, just disovered it after over 2 years of asking BofA to please send me copies of the note. Always received copy of note with NO ENDORSEMENTS. I finally called and asked cust. service if they could tell me how many versions of the notes they have. Answer: 3 all scanned into system at different times. I was able to get them to send all 3 versions, but here is a problem. They will NOT put any notations on the cover letter stating what date it was scanned into the system. Isn’t that strange?

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