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A Most Uplifting And Inspiring Thanksgiving Message….From Lynn Syzmoniak

foreclosure-justicePlease read this post very carefully.   These are very difficult times for all of us in this country right now, but especially so for all of those who have been fighting the battle to stand up for the rights of consumers and the Rule of Law.

I am so honored to have met and been given the opportunity to serve all the good people who have blessed my life by allowing me to serve or counsel with you.

But more than anything else I am so incredibly inspired and honored to have met the finest and most dedicated attorneys and advocates this world has ever known.   These attorneys and advocates show the world every single day the very best that our profession has to offer. Selfless, passionate, committed to the service of those in need without regard to their own personal needs.

A defining characteristic among this group of warriors are the scars and wounds each suffer for daring to fight this fight.   I know that Lynn has suffered, but she keeps her chin up and keeps that spark of passion and fight burning…..

The thank you and list that is attached here below is a who’s who of those who have, and are continuing to stand up, for the most important things left in this country that are so desperately in need of protecting.

To all of you that continue the fight, I encourage you to keep the faith and keep up the fight.

Thank you Lynn and all of you for what you do!




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