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The Federal Government, In Bed With Banksters, Homeowners Screwed Again….(The OCC Review)

foreclosure-reviewFrom my friend over at Chink in The Armor:

In Shakespeare’s  ” The Merchant of Venice” it was Portia, who was not a lawyer, who used her brilliant legal mind to spare her ” client” from producing his pound of flesh to Shylock,   the evil creditor. She is the perfect role model. There are thousands of brilliant attorneys who deserve a place to post their work in an anonymous venue. Portia’s blog is here to provide that avenue. Post away, your public is waiting.


How the banks are out to use the OCC to hide their crimes against homeowners

The hottest new buzz in the land of foreclosure fraud comes from a new program administered by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) and the Federal Reserve (the Fed), all described as ” federal regulators” on the site set up to advertise the program.

This program is a supposed ” free” opportunity for homeowners who were the victims of illegal foreclosures to be ” compensated” for their economic loss. The site lists 16 banks/lenders who are participating in the program.

The program is not available to everyone victimized by the banks’ fraudulent actions, and there is no promise that any compensation will be granted, nor how it is computed, and the ” reviewers” are mostly multinational accounting firms like Deloitte, Touche, who have long been in bed with the major banking institutions. Apparently, no lawyers are involved, and there is no indication that anyone with legal training is involved (of course behind the scenes one can only imagine what kind of legal advice these lending institutions are being given in order to cut their losses on the backs of homeowners, once again).

Chink In The Armor


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