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A Most Bizarre Foreclosure Motion….Plaintiff Does Not Want Witnesses Coming To Court To Testify….

By September 17, 20122 Comments

One of the most important questions we still do not have the answer to even after years and years of foreclosure….

Who Is The Real Party in Interest?

Who Takes Responsibility For Foreclosures?

Who Is Responsible For Throwing Americans Out In The Street Through Foreclosure?

These questions MUST be resolved….otherwise, let’s just throw the rule of law completely out the window….
Motion To Quash


  • neidermeyer says:

    DBNTC as Plaintiff?? Lawyers argue they actually work for BofA? and they have DBNTC’s permission to foreclose in their name but they can sidestep any involvement??

  • learning2 says:

    Interesting. Did you know who the Servicer was in this case before this Motion? Did you know about the referenced ‘owner’, Impact SAC? If it is a REMIC or pass-through security the loan more than likely was pulled from the pool after its default, right? If so, what were the terms for removal and buy back? Was the security pulled from the IRS’s closed REMIC list?
    Very cool.

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