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The 2008 Finanical Crash Cost Taxpayers $13 Trillion….(That Money Was Transferred To The Banks And Wall Street)

By September 17, 20122 Comments

Four Years Since The Crash….and no reason to believe any lessons have been learnt…
It’s been one year since the Occupy Wall Street movement and its calls for income equality, Wall Street reform and less money in politics swept the nation and forever changed the national discourse. OWS is back after a hiatus and returned to Wall Street in celebration of its one-year anniversary.
Roughly 1,000 gathered at four meeting points in downtown Manhattan early Monday, reports the Wall Street Journal. The protesters were met with a heavy police presence and nearly a dozen were arrested by the New York Stock Exchange by late morning.
It is also the four-year anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers — a collapse that sparked the worst financial crisis since the stock market crash of 1929 and the worst recession since the Great Depression.
To date, there has not been a single comprehensive look at the total cost of the 2008 financial crisis. Until now.


  • John Anderson says:

    END THE FED!! This private corporation working with the two bought off political parties, and totally corrupt legislators “including Obama & Ryan”, have committed the largest fraud and theft, in the history of the world.

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