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You're A Moron If You Don't Watch And Understand This…Matt Taibbi and Yves Smith

Amerikans have become hopelessly moronic, wasting all their time watching sports, entertainment television and the insanely delusional games of diversion called “The News” and the seasonally fabricated distractions called, “The Elections”.
As modern day Amerikans, we are all stupid, delusional morons content to sit, fat dumb and fictionally happy while we all get raped by the institutions that run our government….




  • Blue Floridian says:

    Not all of “us” Matt. Particularly if we are here.

  • Lynn Tomaro says:

    Any way to get a hold of Matt Taibbi, I want to him our story…


    Fuck you asshole and speak for yourself.
    I have been suing EVERYBODY, for all the reasons you complain about.I bankrupted ISKCON, due to QUI TAM complaints, put several people in jail, and got the United States to fine them $20 million.
    I made claims against GMAC, that got them to file bankruptcy.
    I do not have a law degree but I have Res Judicata.
    I do not have a college degree ,but I have a 150 I.Q.
    You are right about MOST people because they are MEATHEADS.
    That is a person [infidel] who violates the Law of GOD through my second favorite JEW, Moses! “Thou Shalt Not Kill” means you do not put dead flesh into your stomach and expect life to come from that. Dumb Ass! It goes all the way to all our problems in society.Disrespect for the earth, pollution, murder, unkindness, all of it comes from that! You have to be intelligent and humble like me to understand.

  • Thomas says:

    Mr. Weidner
    I follow and understand your outrage. The term “moron” a medical diagnosis of a person judged to be a person with an I.Q. of 0 to 50, (an idiot = I.Q. of 50 to 80). They were abandoned for good reason.
    A “moron” could learn nothing from this video. The average person could could be enlightened and perhaps join the number of people who do understand and take some effective action.
    Lately, your anger seems to have no bounds.

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