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You Owe The US Government $100,000 (And More Each Day)

Forget about the troubles with the your mortgage and your personal debt…it’s really just a side show to the $53 Trillion you and me and every American owe in the form of the US Government’s outstanding liabilities….

  • The national debt equates to $44,900 per person U.S. population, or $91,500 per member of the U.S. working population,[104] as of December 2010.
  • In 2008, $242 billion was spent on interest payments servicing the debt, out of a total tax revenue of $2.5 trillion, or 9.6%. Including non-cash interest accrued primarily for Social Security, interest was $454 billion or 18% of tax revenue.
  • Total U.S. household debt, including mortgage loan and consumer debt, was $11.4 trillion in 2005. By comparison, total U.S. household assets, including real estate, equipment, and financial instruments such as mutual funds, was $62.5 trillion in 2005.
  • A total of 161,000 tonnes of gold have been mined in human history, as of 2009.This is roughly equivalent to 5.175 billion troy ounces, which, at $1350 per troy ounce, would be $7.0 trillion.

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