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You Must Begin Every Day Recognizing We Live Under An Increasingly Oppressive Regime

It is no longer permissible for the intellectuals, the activists, the doers and the thinkers to stand aside and ignore what has happened to this country.

You can all no longer just sit by and passively absorb what pictures and stories are shown to you on mainstream media.   The Occupy conflicts are but one facet of a growing international earthquake.

The international debt crisis is very real, but it too is just one facet.

The continued raping of our world financial system is one other dynamic.

Here is a very real, very practical reality:

This world, these people can no longer pay anywhere near the total debt that is owed.   People cannot. Businesses cannot. Governments cannot. Think of your personal debt situation, now multiply it one thousand fold.   Think of your household budget situation, then multiply the debts one thousand fold.   This is the reality of worldwide private and public debt.

Our world is enslaved to debt and other future liabilities. It’s like a giant many-headed snake that squeezes every living thing on this planet.   Or, as Matt Taibbi calls it, it is a giant vampire sucking squid.   You pick the metaphor, you select the picture, the outcome is the same…..our world is suffocated by debt and obligations to the banking cartels that run the world.   And how we come to grips with this reality, more than anything else, will define what this world looks like going forward.

I see bleak. I see darkness. I see Orwell and 1984 and Mad Max and On The Beach.   For most.

I also see hardscrabble pockets of people surviving. And thriving even in a new reality.   A simpler reality. Unhinged from debt and the crushing obligations that choke life and enslave.

But far too many people still just plop down in front of their televisions, watching Dancing With The Stars or the World Series.

Scott Olsen served his country. Two tours in Iraq. Only to be critically wounded by the Oakland Police.   Seek out the video of the event. Watch the slow motion footage that shows a cop throwing a flash bomb grenade directly into a crowd of people that were aiding an injured person.

Google the name Tony Balogna.

Pay very close attention to the inside deals and the corruption that courses from one end of Florida to another.   This state is for sale to the highest bidder and the bidding is well under way.

I ask that everyone spend one hour a day researching, sharing, influencing everyone in your circle of influence.

You should also be thinking about exactly what you and your family would do if all hell broke loose and wanton, actual lawlessness and chaos broke out in the streets….because your government has.

The federal government has developed plans to deal with the kind of lawlessness, anarchy, chaos that are building and which are coming because people now understand the facade of justice and equality and equal protection is a fantasy.

Our government is a White Collar Criminal Oligarchy controlled by banker thugs.

Get engaged.

Be prepared.

Plan every day.