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Years Into The Fraudclosure Crisis And Band Conduct Still Rewarded…

Fraudclosure has been raging for years and years. Billions of dollars in improper gains were pocketed by a gang of criminals and consters and not only did our courts stand beside and do nothing about it….our courts in fact were complicit in the whole thing.   Our court system in fact signed off on the biggest chunk of the ill-gotten gains…the profits made when taxpayers were thrown into the streets.
On a much bigger billion dollar level, the feds and the regulators continued to pay hundreds of millions in insurance claims while at the same time “our” attorney generals sign off on a deal that lets the consters and the criminals keep their loot….that’s the state of justice in America today folks.
There are approximately 368,000 foreclosure cases pending in Florida right now with several hundred thousand more in the pipeline just waiting to come crushing down on the backs of the taxpayers that bailed out the banks and who are in fact funding this evil, corrupt, criminal enterprise.   Will all these old cases and all these new cases, beset and polluted with the stench of fraudclosure and wrongdoing continue to be blessed and confirmed by our nation’s legal system?   All indications are that every bit of “leadership” in this country is fully bought in and committed to rewarding the ongoing conspiracy..while at the same time those who are fighting back continue to suffer attacks…this is the state of our criminal justice system today folks.
At least a few sources are reporting with some sense of disgust.   Consider this:
A year later, thousands of his company’s former cases are still sputtering through the courts, sometimes stalled as new attorneys get their bearings or even dismissed so fresh paperwork can be filed, foreclosure defense attorneys say.
In fact, in the year since the epic collapse of Stern’s firm, much is unresolved.

  • Despite 377 complaints to the Florida Bar related to foreclosure fraud, not a single attorney has been sanctioned. Stern remains a member in good standing.
  • The attorney general’s investigation into foreclosure mills withered this year when the state’s power to subpoena them was quashed.
  • A required mediation program ordered by the Florida Supreme Court for lenders and homeowners died in December after a lack of participation and cooperation rendered negotiations impotent.



  • speakout says:

    The entire system is corrupt and no one wants to do anything about it, because if you do, you get threatened, etc. This goes to show you criminals/mafia are running the country. The “legal” system is operating under color of law. Not real law. We need to bring back real law. Declare the US bankrupt and dissolve the corporation and start over. The BK of the US has been going on for decades. It has no money and they are now running out of assets to leverage so they are coming for our houses. We need a jubilee. And a new financial system that operates at zero interest. Why do bankers get to make money from our assets? They are investing nothing, but a piece of paper.
    All lawyers should be licensed by the state, NOT a private corporation called “The Bar”. It’s a private club, that doesn’t let you “get out of line” from the rulers at the top. Who are they by the way? Who owns the Bar? All judges should be required to follow the law or be removed from the bench. In actuality, we need to revamp our entire system and get rid of the “legal system”, which is corrupt too. Why do we need 60 million laws on the books?We need to get back to Common law and start following the constitution. Not the military flag tribunals that allow them to take the “prize” in war. We need to declare peace IN the US.

  • speakout says:

    Had a friend go to a hearing in his case that was originally a Stern file. Suddenly new attorneys appear at the hearing, not the ones that supposedly took over the file a year ago. He was wisked into a private room, where he told the judge he want to settle the case and the “judge” told him “This isn’t Let’s Make a Deal”.
    Well, what do they want, You want to settle and now the judge doesn’t let you?! They want the house, because they want us to Not own property. They’ve already leveraged it 10 times over and sold the debt to China, etc. It is not OUR fault they sold the debt. They’ve been paid ten times over, where is our cut of that profit? We are 3rd party beneficiaries of the trust. WE are entitled to the principal AND the interest. They are holding the “deposit” (the note) in a special account at some other institution. They are claiming the FDIC insurance funds on that deposit. i had JP Morgan tell me I had an insurance check. I asked how much. They never told me, took the house illegally and took the insurance funds too, then sent me a 1099A telling me Freddie Mac lent me the money in the case!! This was a WAMU account that JP Morgan stole.

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