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World Commentary On Amerika’s Epic Failure….

Debt-Crisis-ChinaThis country can no longer live in the dangerous delusion that things are going to be OK.   Most people continue to go about their daily lives operating under a fantasy that somehow things will just be allright…somehow, someway.

But the fact of the matter is our “leaders” have sold us all out and we are perched on the edge of epic catastrophe.     We are all to blame in the sense that we elected these people, then we all sat by over the last two decades and watch them gut our economy and send all our jobs overseas.   We sat by and became accustomed to the bribes, the corruption and the white collar crime and some still act as if there will be no consequence for all of that.

Close to home here in Florida, a small band of lunatics went out and elected for Governor a guy who really is the poster child for the White Collar Criminal Oligarchy that runs this country.   And from the day he was elected, he’s been violating or skirting or abusing one law after another.   Just this week we received confirmation that he (oops!) deleted God only knows how many emails that were part of the transition into office.

This cannot end well.   Humpty Dumpty is broken and no matter how strong the glue, we just cannot piece this back together again.   I spent a great deal of time reading news from all over the world and that perspective is very disturbing…..and especially when I read very provocative articles that appear to be factually correct.   Take the following article from ChinaDaily for instance.   Now if you really want a different perspective on World News and events, this is a great place to start.   It is incredibly ideological and thus very biased, but you really gotta spend time balancing the different perspectives on this world in order to come up with a more accurate perspective.   If your TV channel is stuck on one news program, you’re looking at the world through a pinhole.

The debt crisis has exposed the defects rather than the advantages of America’s tit for tat democratic system

The US debt crisis has drawn much criticism both at home and aboard. It is inconceivable to many people that as the only superpower in the world the US was locked in a struggle that threatened to bring the wheels of state to a halt had the politicians not arrived at a last-minute compromise to raise the nation’s debt limit in order to avoid a debt default.

As a country that always boasts it has the most “perfect” democratic system in the world, the US is not doing well in its domestic affairs and the debt crisis has exposed the defects rather than the advantages of its system. Even many US citizens have appealed for introspection and reform of the country’s political system.

The core of the US democratic system is the representative system of government and the separation of the executive, legislative and judicial powers. People have the right to elect representatives they support, and these representatives are mandated to protect voters’ interests. The separation of the three powers is supposed to guarantee a system of check and balances.

Such a political system has been regarded by some as the most advanced form of governance in human history, but it has been inefficient and powerless in the face of the problems the US is facing now.

First, from the perspective of the representative system, the public has the right to elect their agents, but it’s hard to deprive the agents of their rights immediately if they are incompetent or crooked. Theoretically, when representative government does not work effectively and there is a deadlock between the rival parties, the government can resort to a referendum to get legitimacy and break the deadlock. China Daily