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Will Wells Fargo Get Away With Cheating in a Foreclosure Case?



On May 19, 2015 at 9:30 am, Florida’s Second District Court of Appeals heard Oral Arguments in my Case Wells Fargo v. Deborah Griffin. I’ve written about this case extensively and all of the briefs on the case are found here.

The picture above shows us inside the appellate court during Wells Fargo’s presentation of the case.  I’m glad a friend grabbed that screenshot because when you look carefully, it shows one of the more important aspects of the case.  You see on our table where there is a big stack of documents.  That stack of documents is just a sampling of the more than 3,000 pages that Wells Fargo dumped on us just before trial. Even the commercial printer couldn’t print out all the documents due to the fact that hundreds of pages were made completely black. I keep beating on that issue because it just infuriates me so much..even after all this time. The thing that really insults me is how the big corporate bully of a plaintiff Wells Fargo can play such games, can be so abusive and then walk into a courtroom and act like somehow they’re entitled to a little relief, respect or any assistance from the court.  But I’m confident that won’t fly in the appellate court….just as it didn’t fly in the trial court where we won, after all.

Perhaps the most infuriating thing about the bank’s presentation of argument came at the end, on rebuttal…after we had spent all the time detailing what Wells Fargo and their attorneys did wrong, the response of their attorney was,

Well….the borrower wasn’t really prejudiced here.

Again, back to all these problems and these arguments at trial courts all across the country. The banks violate the rules and then when they are caught…they make the lame argument that they should get away with it.

Stay tuned….the appellate oral argument will be posted soon….

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