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Why Won’t Lenders Approve Short Sales?

That’s a vexing question asked by realtors, homeowners, attorneys and increasingly judges.

There is no one, certain answer, but there are a wide range of factors that play into the unwillingness of banks to make reasonable business decisions.

Top on that list are government incentives and bailouts that subsidize otherwise irrational business decision-making, oh and then there are the complex financial products that have twisted up title and real estate so tightly that no decisions can be made.

The attached article delves into the question and helps answer the question…..

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  • Jenn says:

    Saw up top of the article “Delay and pray” brokers say. Prophecy says this would happen, no lie about it. Volcanos exploding, earthquakes going on everywhere, tsunamis, unemployment rates are sky high, economic collapse and now angry people on the streets forced out of their homes. Funny thing is, the banks, realtors, brokers think it’s going to get better. Folks, it’s not going to get better–prophecy mandates. No matter what they say, how they cover it up, it’s not going to get better. we are moving into a one world order very soon–get ready….homeowners, stand up and fight for your rights….let the brokers delay and pray….but homeowner’s you must take a stance!

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