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Whistleblower Warned of MF Global Risks, And Rick Scott Wants To Protect The Everglades…

Two stories from today’s newspapers that illustrate the evil that lurks all around us.   John Corzine’s bad bets caused $1.2 billion to disappear.   The scant information that we do know show how totally ineffective government regulators are at trying to curb the greed and abuses of those who have control of our money.

John Corzine, MF Global’s Chief and a Goldman Sachs alumni was taking increasingly risky bets with customer money…and the corporate governance structure failed to protect the company and the customer’s money from his risks.   No government agency or watchdog stepped in, but Corzine and the Board of Directors continue to walk around free.

Read details on the gambling and the absolute breakdown from today’s Wall Street Journal:

MF Global Holdings Ltd.’s executive in charge of controlling risks raised serious concerns several times last year to directors at the securities firm about the growing bet on European bonds by his boss, Jon S. Corzine, people familiar with the matter said.

The board allowed the company’s exposure to troubled European sovereign debt to swell from about $1.5 billion in late 2010 to $6.3 billion shortly before MF Global tumbled into bankruptcy Oct. 31, these people said. The executive who challenged Mr. Corzine resigned in March.

Andrew Harrer/Press PoolMF Global’s former Chairman and CEO Jon S. Corzine


Closer to home, Florida’s criminal governor and the utterly corrupt Florida Legislature (controlled by Republicans for the last 18 years) are hell bent on destroying Florida’s environment and turning Florida’s natural resources over to the corporations that own Florida’s government.   Says former Florida governor Bob Graham:

The 2011 legislature   ” reversed 40 years of Florida’s progress in water and land conservation.”

St. Petersburg Times

Big business has had it’s eyes on Florida’s water supply for decades now. They want to own it. Control it. Profit from it.   And now that they have our entire state government under the control of the most corrupt “leadership” in history, they stand a pretty good chance of making it happen….they’ve been biding their time and waiting patiently….I’m sure they can just taste the tasty drops of water hitting their salivating lips even now….they’re just waiting for the start of the 2012 legislative session and then all the trading and the selling and the back room dealing starts with a frenzy.

While the ignorant voters sit out here in the sticks swatting mosquito, the cigar chompers are already meeting to dice up and sell your state.   They’re doing it with prisons, and health care and roads….and they’ve already started it with our state’s water supply.   What will they do with the water?   The corporations will buy the water rights, then sell them back to us….for an obscene profit.   We will pay for it over and over again.   When we drink. When farmers water their crops. When we try to touch it our dip a toe into the water to recreate.

What’s one sign that our environment and our water supply are in grave peril? (Aside from the fact that the Florida Legislature is already deep into dismantling protections?) The biggest sign of what’s to come is what this nation’s least popular governor is saying. The docile and gullible public is lulled into believing that anything printed in newspapers has some basis in fact or reality.   And shame on newspapers for not making it clear that statements like the one that appears below are nothing but corporate-sponsored propaganda that comes on the letterhead of the highest office in Florida.   This is what Florida’s Dear Leader wrote:

Florida is committed to moving forward on important restoration projects like improving water quality in the Everglades. The state and federal governments have invested significant resources, yet we both recognize there is more work to do. We cannot continue to let costly, ongoing lawsuits derail our progress, which is why recently I put forward a strategy that puts the Everglades first. We can all agree that the Everglades ecosystem is the crown jewel of Florida, and it deserves our best efforts to resolve differences and deliver results.

Government should be held accountable at all times, and especially during economic downturns we should make sure we’re spending taxpayer money wisely. Over the last five decades the state has acquired more than 4.2 million acres, including some of Florida’s most critical conservation properties. However, now is the time to evaluate our inventory and ask ourselves if we have the right land in the right places.

Future land purchases should ensure clean water for future generations and protect our state’s economic engines, such as military bases, estuaries and tourism destinations.

Rick Scott

 This is what Rick Scott is doing…..In the height of absurdity, Scott has been ruthlessly appointing polluters to positions meant to protect the environment. In fact, Rick Scott’s appointment for head of the state’s environmental agency acknowledged that he didn’t know much about environmental regulations.   He’s a shipbuilder with a history of environmental complaints.   Seems like a perfectly logical choice to run the agency….especially when the stated goal of the governor is to gain control of Florida’s water supply:

Now Scott and Vinyard have shaken up the water districts “” cutting millions from their budgets, capping executive salaries, pushing for layoffs and freezing land buying “” and Scott says that’s only his first step.

The goal seems clear to Tschinkel: “The governor wants control over the water supply in Florida.”

Destroying Florida’s Water Supply




The totalitarian oligarchy boogeymen they warned us about in elementary school are not on far away distant soil…they’re right here lording over all of us.

The revolutions and wars and bloodshed we read about in history books will soon not be abstract lessons in history, they will come alive in streets all across this country.

We can no longer sit back and ignore or wish it all away.   It confronts us all no matter how hard we try to ignore it.

Soon we will all be asked what we are each willing to do to protect what is left of our nation and our liberties….