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Where Did This Economic Catastrophe Come From?

deficit-realestateI don’t like Obama and there are not hardly any Democratic Party policies or people that I like or support.   In the near past, I might have identified most closely with the Republicans.   I remember Ronald Regan fondly.   But that all changed under George Bush II.

In 2001, when Bush took office, our country ran a surplus.   But that all changed….and under the Bush Administration our country went from a surplus to a trashed economy, two senseless wars we could not pay for, a devastated foreign policy and debt as far as the eyes can see.

Sorry folks, the man in the White House now did not put us where we are. (Although he is arguably making things worse but really, what’s he gonna do?)

It’s a disgusting display of ignorant politics to see the debate raging across this country right now and really no one has any good answers.

Buckle up folks, it’s gonna be a ride….



  • John Anderson says:

    Study what Andrew Jackson did while President.

  • neidermeyer says:

    The answer is obvious , the current economic catastrophe (the debt not the borrowing limit) comes directly from the people giving up their rights willingly for programs such as Social Security , Medicare , Obamacare , all the cash giveaways … the mentality in Washingon that their job is to buy votes and manage industry. We need a small constitutional gov’t whose job is to guarantee our rights…

  • Mike Hansen says:

    It began with the “coup d’etat” which removed JFK and installed the likes of LBJ,in my opinion, one of the most corrupt politicians ever to sit in the White House. His first order of business was to destroy the currency by first reducing the silver content of the dollar and then removing it completely in June of 1968.He removed the redemption clause from US Notes and Federal reserve Notes while abolishing silver certificates completely.Where was the American Bar Association when they took the “will pay to the bearer on demand”off the US Notes and Federal Reserve Notes?? They converted a “negotiable instrument” into a “non negotiable instrument” and
    mockingly added “In God We Trust” on the reverse of the Notes,ie
    the paper became “money” instead of a “check” to pay real money,
    ie silver coin.
    What followed was 40 years of inflation and concentration of wealth into fewer and fewer hands until the populace was in debt
    up to the neck.By 2008, the fraud became so rampant that the whole
    corrupt system began to collapse.
    What we really need is a return to the “Ten Commandments”, restoration of the Christian faith and a return to the US Constitution if we are ever to get out of this mess. Let’s all
    start praying, confessing our sins, and return to the laws of the

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