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mandelmanThe question, “WHAT SHOULD WE TELL OUR CHILDREN, MR. PRESIDENT?” has been making the rounds all across the internet today.   This quote comes from a post by my friend Martin Andelman.   I really must insist that everyone read this post very carefully.

It truly is a profound question that every single person in this country really needs to be asking.   But first you need to sit in a quiet place of reflection, put yourself in a proper frame of mind to consider really big and deep questions, then be prepared to accept some really difficult and ugly truths.

Let me just lay a few things out there for all of you.   First, this country has been placed into a very bad place….an ugly place from which there will be no easy return.   Second, we are all both willing and unwilling participants in the very nasty travels that we are all going down. We are willing in the sense that we all went along for the ride.   We are unwilling in the sense that we were not smart enough or concerned enough to slow it all down and prevent us from ending up where we are indeed going.

And finally, we are all the victims of a reckless slaughter that has been visited upon us by a sociopathic governing and corporate class that failed entirely to protect all of those they were feeding upon.   Neither one of the dominant political parties can claim all the credit for destroying this country….they are both equally responsible.   And it’s not just the criminal, corrupt and incompetent political and business establishment in this country….this is a world wide cluster copulation.

It’s most interesting that the Democrats are apparently even more furious at this Obamanation that sits in the White House than most Republicans….but they all played their roles.   They’re all guilty.   And make no mistake, this all started long before Obama.   It started long before George W. Bush sold every bit of this country out to Dick Cheney and his friends.

And we’re all to blame. None of us did enough. None of us stood up to fight and scream and protest.   None of us gave a damn.   We will all have to look our children in the eyes and admit to them that we destroyed what was once an exceptional country…..





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