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Wanna See How David J. Stern Lives? Take A Tour Inside His Homes!

stern-homeownersWhile courts, judges and their staff suffer through mountains of foreclosure proceedings and while court budgets and salaries are cut to the bone, Florida’s Very Own Foreclosure Baron is living quite well, very, very well, thank you very much.   Really, thank each and every one of you, very, very much.

And while our courts and all of us suffer monstrously trying to unravel the mess that’s been created, take a moment for an inside peek into how the other side of the foreclosure mess lives.

Ft. Lauderdale Estate

Colorado Estate

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  • Attorney Wendy Alison Nora says:

    Dear Matt,
    It is my understanding from previous information on your blog that David J. Stern is closing his law offices, having lost his contracts with Freddie and Fannie and the big banks. Am I right in interpreting this information that he is selling the Florida and Colorado properties? I am then assuming that these homes are mortgaged. My take on this is that these sales are evidence of his high living that cannot be supported any longer. A different take would be that this is to show what he is losing . Am I mistaken? The old saying, “The bigger they are, the harder they fall” may apply here. As Booker T. Washington said, “You cannot keep a man in the mud without getting down in the mud with him.”
    Let us not take pleasure in the suffering of another who brought himself to such an end. Let us be grateful that we have our integrity and did not put our treasures where moth and rust corrupt. A simple, humble home is all that most of our clients seek or sought to protect. How many simple, humble homes had to be taken by fraud to support the temporary life style of David J. Stern? Very sad, indeed.

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