There is so much heated debate about Pinellas County’s new Safer at Home Order. There is so much criticism of our local elected officials and staff…on both sides. Some think it’s too weak. Some think it’s too much.

But what I really want people to focus on is the fact that our local elected officials are doing their absolute best to protect us from what is an unprecedented crisis.

We’ve all got plenty of time on our hands…so if you’re really interested in what’s happening…AND WHY DECISIONS ARE BEING MADE….take a moment to watch the video below that really does get into granular detail about what we’re all experiencing. I urge you to listen in particular to the testimony of Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualeieri who explains how the packed beaches and the very damaging images of repeated on national news really caused some difficult problems.

Bottom line…before you attack…watch the video and think about the work these folks are doing. Just click the link to see the full video:

Here is the Full Order here, read it carefully:

Keep in mind as well that the Pinellas County Order, and all orders, are very fluid.  Frankly, I think that everyone recognizes that we’re going to see more significant restrictions. There are going to be more restrictions because people just aren’t going to respect the good sense restrictions that are increasingly being issued.

Now there’s another important point here….if you recognize just how serious this is…you’ve got the opportunity to impose the kind of restrictions that make sense for you and your family.


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