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US is Bankrupt. Default is Coming. The Begining Is Near.

There will come an accounting. There will be an autopsy.   The American people will finally wake up, take stock and determine who is responsible for all the chaos and economic decline in this formerly great nation.

Look around you.   Scour your neighborhoods and drive down Main Street. Businesses Vacant?   Stores Closed? Homes Vacant? Jobs Gone?

Now take a look on Wall Street.   Record profits for the banks and for the corporations.

And still it’s not enough.   The jack booted thugs rampage through communities with impunity.   Just yesterday I am in contact with another homeowner who has had his home ransacked by the banks and their jack booted thugs.   Police report to follow…but my question is,

“When will the American people wake up and take a stand?”

Ron Paul

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  • John Anderson says:

    I am going to change my party to be able to vote for Ron Paul in the primary. I doubt if he will be elected, but then I voted twice for Ross Perot. He has the correct position on the real issues this country faces.
    I feel America will feel he’s to old. But then there’s Rand Paul who just might fit.

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