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HB87 is now in the Governor’s office and we are awaiting his decision to sign or veto in the next few days. There is still time to call asking him to VETO HB87. Calling him now will make a difference!  Call (850) 488-7146.

As a foreclosure leader you know what is at stake. Make the call today and let’s prevent thousands,  of families, especially in communities of color, from losing their homes unnecessarily.

PICO United Florida, a nonpartisan, statewide federation of congregations that addresses systemic racial and economic issues that cause poverty for our families, has monitored the state’s response to the housing and foreclosure crisis impacting many Floridians.   To that end, we strongly oppose HB 87 and its failure to protect our communities.

                       PICO United Florida Urges Governor Scott Veto Foreclosure Bill

HB 87 Has Disproportionate Adverse Impact on Communities of Color


Tallahassee, Fla.  ““ HB 87, Expedited Foreclosure legislation passed by the Florida Legislature, should be vetoed by Governor Scott based on its disproportionate impact on communities of color.   The legislation is unfair to all homeowners struggling to save their homes, but will have greater repercussions for Florida’s minority families.

” We oppose this legislation because it will hurt Florida families trying desperately to save their homes from foreclosure.    But we cannot ignore the fact that our families of color will be burdened most if this bill becomes law.   Minority communities have suffered throughout the foreclosure crisis at twice the rate of white communities, so it stands to reason that minority communities will suffer most from this legislation,” explained Rev. Errol G. Thompson, Sr., President of PICO United Florida.  

HB 87 changes the show cause process for foreclosures, removing the certainty that the homeowner will be able to defend against the foreclosure.   Though the bill grants homeowners a reduction in the statute of limitations period to be subject to a deficiency, this relief has little impact on the lower income communities and communities of color since they are at less risk for a deficiency judgment.   Even worse, homeowners lose their longstanding right to seek return of their home if the foreclosure was fraudulent ““ again, a scenario more likely to happen to our minority communities who were sold the most toxic loan products that were continually bought and sold as investment bundles.   ” Every aspect of this legislation will be harder on the African-American and Latino communities,” says Rev. Thompson.

” We urged Rep. Passidomo to change the bill to protect homeowners losing their home because of fraud by the banks.   Rep. Fasano and Sen. Soto fought hard to amend the bill for this protection, but Rep. Passidomo opposed these efforts,” said Peter Phillips, Executive Director of PICO United Florida.

PICO United Florida stands in opposition of HB 87 and implores Gov. Scott to support Florida’s homeowners, especially our minority families, by vetoing the bill.

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