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United States Senator Warren to Regulators: YOU WORK FOR THE BANKS…NOT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

If you missed the US Senate Hearings, you missed quite a show.   I hope you’ll follow up and see the entirety later, but here’s a brief flavor:


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  • john says:

    Ms. Warren is rather effective in putting folks in short pants—of course, those two ‘regulators’ really could not admit the truth in any case.
    After lying about a modification, instructing me to default, dual tracking me–and ending upon HAMP for eight months,(then kicked off for no reason) I guess I can look forward to a $300 payoff from BofA (Countrywide) I can hardly contain my excitement—-much less garner a sense of justice by these actions.
    These financial institutions need to be stopped from fractional reserve policies—-they just can’t handle the open door to greed……

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