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TWO OUTRAGES! Florida’s Attorney General – Selling out Florida Consumers, Giving in to The Banks.

The news reporting today is a totally outrageous confirmation of what we on the inside have known all along…..Florida’s Attorney General is selling out Floridians.   While other state’s attorney generals have been very clear that they are going to force the banks to pay for their wrongdoing and that they are going to stick up for their voters, Florida’s Attorney General has announced that she want’s to try and bully these leaders into abandoning their responsibilities and sell out to the banks as well.

Remember, Florida is ground zero for foreclosure fraud. Remember, Florida’s Attorney General had opened nine, count em nine investigations into foreclosure abuses. And now Florida’s Attorney General apparently just wants to forget about all that.   That of course is great news for the targets of the investigation….they are absolutely crowing about their multiple victories.   But then when you carry lobbyists and checkbooks around in your pocket, that’s just par for the course.

It’s offensive. It’s an insult. Our elected “leaders” do not work for us, they serve the corporate masters that have them bought and sold.

When will it change?

From the Huffington Post:

Florida has some of the highest rates of foreclosure in the country, and is home to many of the companies accused of improper document handling, yet the state’s enforcement apparatus has treated many of these companies with striking lenience, according to former state prosecutors and lawyers who represent Florida homeowners.

Many cite the forced departure of Clarkson and Edwards as a vivid example of how mortgage companies and law firms successfully exploit connections to Florida’s attorney general to soften legal probes, insulating themselves against the consequences of alleged law-breaking.

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Next, read how how Florida’s Attorney General is working to bully other state attorney general’s back to turn their backs on consumers…

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi also said states that have pulled out of the negotiations should return to bolster any deal. Federal, state and bank officials are expected to hold another round of negotiations in Washington on Thursday.

‘I read this morning that we’re settling this tomorrow. I doubt that’s going to happen,’ Bondi said, speaking on Wednesday during an event in Miami.

‘We still have states that aren’t on board yet. We’re trying to bring in some people who left the table.’

Negotiations toward a settlement have been going on for months, with penalties on the banks of up to $20 billion being discussed. A settlement would free up a backlog of foreclosures weighing on housing markets and dragging on economic growth.

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