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Two Days/Two Summary Judgement Vacated/Two Sales Cancelled

It’s only Tuesday, but it has been a very good week already…I got two Summary Judgments vacated and two sales canceled! Now mind you, there was no way these two judgments should have been entered in first place, but that’s a whole other story.   The bottom line is we worked very hard, briefed the issues it made it so absolutely clear that the court had no choice but to cancel the sales.   I give the judges a lot of credit because they are working very hard and in these cases, they exactly what the law required them to do.   My big concern however is how many other judgments out there should likewise be vacated?

I will say that in my experience, a properly briefed Motion for Reconsideration, heard by one of our elected judges, seems to do the trick.   So keep that in mind when you get an adverse outcome   and keep in mind that you can almost always ask for a reconsideration….that’s a powerful tool to keep in your arsenal!   The message and the lesson are simple…

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