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Transcript of AG investigation- Our New AG Will Pursue Even More Aggressively.

stern-casesNow that Florida has a new Attorney General, the question everyone is asking is just how aggressively will she pursue the investigation?   I believe she will move even more aggressively than former Attorney General Bill McCollum…I don’t believe she has any choice but to move even more  aggressively.

In support of this argument, I invite you all to consider all that we’ve learned just since the investigations were announced just a few short months ago.   Think of all the details that have emerged in the national and even international press.   Consider the details contained within the deposition transcripts….There really is no turning back.

Attached below is a transcript from a hearing that was recently held in Broward County.   Stern’s defenders were arguing (presumably with a straight face) that the Florida Attorney General did not have the authority of jurisdiction to investigate the law firm.   The AG’s attorneys and investigators responded by providing details of the hundreds of complaints investigators had been receiving from all across the state.

Read the transcript carefully and consider the case the Florida Attorney General has already built against these firms.


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  • Attorney Wendy Alison Nora says:

    In the two states in which I practice, the AGs were re-elected. In Wisconsin, the lawyer running against the incumbent ran on a more aggressive platform to stop all foreclosures pending the investigation, but the incumbent AG was already pursuing the issue, albeit without a call to halt foreclosures. The real loss to the quest for truth may be Ohio. Cordray was a real leader on the issue with his complaint against GMAC/Ally and robo-signer, Jeffrey Stephan. I hope Ohio’s new AG pursues that action with the same vigor. Congratulations on your new AG in Florida.

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