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Totalitarian State- Police Swarm, Harass and Retaliate Supporters of Emily Good

If you missed the story, a polite and well mannered woman was arrested because she was standing in her front yard recording a group of police officers who were arresting a man in front of her home.   The full video can be found here.   Now if this video is not crystal clear evidence of a police state running wild, I don’t know what is.

But wait, things get worse.   After the video went viral, a group of supporters were meeting in Rochester to discuss how they could support Emily Good and what they could do to champion the cause of freedom.   If the Good video doesn’t terrify you, just watch how a group of uniformed officers swarm on the street and begin ticketing the cars of Good supporters….they go so far as to pull out a ruler and start ticketing cars because they are like one inch….one inch….off the curb.   Just watch how the cops all swarm and attack and harass these people….because they are daring to speak out….I dare you….watch the video below….

Emily Good Retaliation


  • dormanmom says:

    Those police cruisers were clearly over 12″ from the curb also.

  • dormanmom says:

    Here’s a video of a reporter being arrested for covering a DC taxi commission meeting, a public meeting, and he’s the press, a clear violation of his constitutional rights.

  • chunga says:

    For what it’s worth, there is abolutely no political cover for this nonsense.

    There are those who are busying themselves with the task of discrediting Ms. Good.

    It’s not working. The link below is illustrative of (poorly executed) propaganda.

    It is an investment in time but very revealing.;page=1#1

  • John Anderson says:

    This was a very stupid thing the police did here. The arrest they made was uncalled for, and now they have compounded the false arrest, with harassment, and intimidation of the victim and wittiness’s.
    I do hope this lady retains a good attorney, and sues their ass off. But more important than the money she should receive, by way of compensation for the false arrest, the federal government under one of it’s many enforcement arms, should charge the arresting officer with civil rights violations, and the officers who participated in the ticketing of the cars.

    But if Ms Good does not receive justice, their may be a “street party/cruiser burning event down at the police station.
    Having just been robbed the American people are blaming the government “and they should” and the police represent that government.
    And if the mayor and heads of the police have not already taken steps to denounce this act, it’s to late to just say their sorry.

  • Lit Gant says:

    If you watch the police carefully you can see they were trying to provoke someone so they could have excuse to pull out their guns and kill someone. That is why there are four cars. It only takes one cop to write those tickets. But they had more present so they could kill someone if there was some threat to their life or the life of one of them. The supporters of Ms Good were very smart not to engage in any conduct they could interpret as threatening. The police chief is clearly behind this mis-use of power. These kinds of men are the ones who will shoot black men in the back, throw down a gun or a knife and then say he had threatened them. If you people of this city do not go to the Mayor and demand justice and this to stop these police thugs will be camping out at the homes of the owners of these cars to cite them with even more tickets. This is not America. These police have the same mind and attitude as the SS storm troupers of Hitler. Of course, they are just obeying orders. But who gave the order for them to come out there and ticket these cars and punish them for support of Ms. Good. These policemen are the kinds that provoke men to have no care for the police. And sad this will influence crazy people to see police as the enemy and arm themselves. This should not be in America. God help America when police act like this.

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