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TOP SECRET AMERICA- How America Ended After 9/11

By September 11, 20113 Comments

Frontline-911Now that all the touching ceremonies and soft remembrances are over, it’s time to take a very sobering look at the real and long lasting impact of 9/11. Ignore for a minute the utter desecration of the civil rights that were woven into the fabric of our Constitution. Ignore for a minute the hundreds of thousands of lives that have been lost after 9/11.

Just consider the extraordinary economic impact of   Project Graystone. Consider soldiers fanning out into tribal regions with duffel bags stuffed full with bricks of untraceable one hundred dollar bills. Or later, consider not just armored trucks, but armored semi trailers secretly delivering pallots stacked with billions of dollars in cash, cash that later is reported to have been stolen.   Just think about that for a moment as you struggle to pay your bills….billions of dollars unaccounted for…just GONE.   This on top of the billions of dollars that our government admits has been spent on both reported and unreported wars around the world.

And all of this really exploded after 9/11.   So now that the solemn ceremonies are over…just think about where we are today.


The United States starts to work with the “Dark Side”- Vice President Dick Cheney

A lot of what needs to be done will have to be done quietly, it will be vital to use any means at our disposal to obtain our objective- Vice President Dick Cheney

After 9/11 the gloves come off. Cofer Black






  • Concerned reader says:

    The story said “Bush White House officials were worried in the immediate aftermath of Saddam’s fall that Iraqis would revolt if salaries weren’t paid and services deteriorated.”

    Revolt? Like in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Syria?

  • mike says:

    Keep up the good work Matt. There are some of us out there w/our eyes open (a little less “sheepeople” then some). I think our country has 2 giant domestic enemies:

    Wall Street & The Bankers
    The Military Industrial Complex

    When the cold war ended, the bogeyman of the “communist” was no longer sufficient to bankrupt our country w/fear. The attacks of 9/11 allowed for the rise of the next proverbial bogeyman – the TERRORIST!

    Smoking cigs kills 400K US citizens year. 9/11, while horrible and spectacular, killed less than 5K people once. What good is protecting me from “terrorism” (boogey-boogey-boogey) when the country has imploded?

    We need schools, education, health care, jobs, infrastructure. Not more ‘star wars’, fighter jets, etc. I’m not counting on the people of this country to wake up until 3 things happen at once:

    Disruption of: 1) TV; 2) McDonalds; 3) beer

    Until then, it’s just more American Idol and Fox News. It was a nice ride while it lasted. The American empire is a dying one….

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