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Too Big To Fail The Movie And What Happens When We Crash Again….

Americans have no idea just how close to absolute and catastrophic catastrophe the United States and in fact the entire world came to an absolute collapse in 2008.

The fact that every American needs to understand is that we were quite literally on the verge of an economic and societal collapse that would have dwarfed the consequences we faced during the Great Depression.   While the Great Depression was bad, our entire world is exponentially far more dependent upon banks and Wall Street and credit than we could have even imagined in 2008.   These are not my opinions, they are the widely expressed opinions of virtually every knowledgeable expert.

The next part of the equation and the far more disturbing fact that we all need to consider is that there is consensus among most experts that we will almost certainly experience another crash in the future.   Again, this opinion comes from the experts.   The real question and the one that should keep us all up at night is….just what will be the consequences when the crash comes again????

Watch the trailers below…..


Too Big To Fail Reuters