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Title Searches are a Key to Every Foreclosure Case- Problems With Title Are A Consequence of This Attack on Our Judicial System

Here is an example of a title search. It’s a good example because it’s part of a case that I’m actively litigating where mistakes were made in two foreclosure cases that continue to be perpetuated today through litigation. In this case, only one side of a duplex was foreclosed, yet both sides of the duplex were marked and sold by the realtor to the purchaser of the property after the foreclosure was “completed”.

The foreclosure courtrooms that are choked now are going to be choked in years to come with title claims as we try to resolve and repair all the damages that were done by sloppy title work and abuses of the court processes. The point of these examples are to remind practitioners and judges that the foreclosure fraud fight is not just about defending homeowners, it’s about defending the fundamentals of the court process and defending the integrity of title to real property which is a bedrock American institution.

Review this title search, more information will be discussed from this report later.

title search

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