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Throwing Money Changers From The Temple. Malaise or Malestorm?

Most thinking people have come to believe we are on the verge of an economic restructuring.   How big?   How dramatic? How catastrophic?   That depends on who you talk to, what you’re reading and what you’re seeing.

Will it be a long, slow march downward?   Will we all just slog in the Malaise or will it break, explode, crack and turn into a violent Malestorm?   I’d say the answer to those questions depends on where you’re sitting and what you’re seeing, but it seems instructive to me to remember that when such changes come, you’re dealing with a radical restructuring of the existing social order.

Early Christianity, The Protestant Reformation, The American Revolution, The Civil War, World War II

Just think of each of these events.   Powerful, society cracking struggles…huge tolls paid in bloody sacrifice.   Is it possible that our world has evolved to such a point that we’re not capable of such sacrifice again?   We may not want to, we may try to avoid it, but there’s that whole thing about history repeating itself….

The Money Changers From The Temple

And not to go too Glenn Beckish, but consider the news that just broke today that the case against International Monetary Fund leader Strauss Kahn has collapsed. Strauss-Kahn was/is a world leader, a guest in our country who has been charged with a violent sexual assault.   He immediately claims his innocence and loudly exclaims that he was set up.   The whole thing sounds absolutely crazy from the beginning….this old rich white dude becomes sex crazed then violently attacks a maid?

Authorities arrest him, then send him parading before a phalanx of flash bulbs and reporters….much to the horror and disgust of the rest of the world…..and now there seems to be some support for this claims that it was all a set up????   What would it mean for modern day international relations if the new leader of one of our allies really was the victim of a spectacular set up?….

A French Socialist Party council member called for a delay in the party’s presidential primaries to allow Dominique Strauss-Kahn to run if he’s cleared of sexual assault charges, while another sought a political role for him.

Even as the Socialist leadership limited its comments to messages of personal support for the former head of the International Monetary Fund and a one-time leading candidate for the 2012 French presidential elections, several party members called for his return to politics.