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bloomberg-foreclosureMassachusetts’s highest court is poised to rule on whether foreclosures in the state should be undone because securitization-industry practices violate real- estate law governing how mortgages may be transferred.



  • litgant says:

    Maybe at last, a Court that has judges who are not legalnostics (do not believe in the rule of law).

    Maybe, there will be at least one Court in the nation not afraid to identify the criminal actions by the banks foreclosing.

    Boy it would be nice to see them sanctioned in an amount equal to all the mortgages they foreclosed illegally. Now that would be a just judgment.

    Maybe some judges in Florida will have the courage to establish sanctions in an amount equal to the mortgage(s) on the house(s) these perverts attempted to steal using fraud.

    Ok, I will scan the news to see if some judge worthy of his robe will get on the square. Get out the legal compass that draws such nice circles. Draw that compass and circle them all in.

  • marcdeppe says:

    The position of the banks is beyond amazing in these cases. The same “you can’t undo this because it will collapse the banking system” argument is being made across the country.

    I applaud every attorney, judge, homeowner and US citizen who is standing up in response to the abrogation of the rights of the US people.

    The real truth is that the only way to win this fight is to arm the people fighting this battle (attorneys and plaintiffs in the courtroom) with every tool available to win the war. This is a war and we are fighting for the preservation of the US judicial system as we know it.

    We all need to stand up and say “It doesn’t matter how big you are, how powerful you have become or how much it will cost to make you obey the law. No individual, no institution and no government body has the right to steal in mass from US citizens or to willfully ignore the rule of the law. ”

    Thanks Matt for all that you do and thank you to all attorneys across the US who are fighting battles every day against enemies who have distorted the rule of law and corrupted our courts.

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