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The World’s Most Famous Robo Signer Speaks, “We Don’t Have Signing Authority, Are There Any Other Options?”

Sometimes I think my head just might explode off the top of my body….

I have long ago given up on any person in a position of power.   I will no longer wait for elected leaders.   I have no faith in law enforcement.

But where are the American people?   Why are we all still standing right on the front lines and watching this happen EVERY SINGLE DAY?

Why are neighbors being thrown into the streets, communities destroyed and entire industries being permitted to continue with gross and unchecked crimes and irregularities?   Where are the American people? Read the story below…but be careful…perhaps your head might explode too.

“The problem is we do not have signing authority””are there any other options?” Jeffrey Stephan, the head of GMAC’s “Document Execution” team, wrote to another employee and the law firm pursuing the foreclosure action. No solutions were offered.

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  • learning2 says:

    I know about this. I’ve lived it. This is outrageous behavior and these crooks are assumed by the Courts to be more reliable that a ‘dead beat borrower’ WHO IS NOT EVEN LATE!!!!

    Well, its good to know that I was not imagining this was actually happening. I took action because my Lender (I really don’t think they are my real lender) would not give me credit for 3 payments though the checks were cashed and the money was withdrawn from my account.

    In the process of taking action I’ve also found out some more facts about my loan…It would be great if Justice is Blind when I finally get my day in court.

    Hopefully I will be able to present the facts to the Judge. Hopefully I will be able to speak and present the facts. I am doubtful of having the Rule of Law applied…maybe it will, I know, wishful thinking…

    Now…if I can get my attorney to return my calls and emails.

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