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The Wizard Behind The Curtain- Plaintiffs Must Plead Their Authority to Sue!


  • Raptor says:

    Preach it!

  • DolleyMadison says:

    How can the judge say you don’t have to know who is suing you? Why don’t they have to prove they have standing? Its one thing for the defendant not to know…quite another when the PLAINTIFF doesn’t even know…this is madness. Where is the Bar? Our Elected Officials? is there not one honest man left in this world? I guess I should not be surprised when even our Harvard educated Commander in Chief doesn’t understand the role of the courts…why should the courts themselves understand? This is a punch in the gut…

  • Attorney Wendy Alison Nora says:

    I just spoke to a new client, a law student, who has been in foreclosure since 2009. Her original lender was National City Mortgage, which settled a case under the False Claims Act in the Eastern District of Michigan in the spring of 2008 (before TARP.) It was denied TARP payments and her loan was picked up by PNC Bank (which did qualify for TARP.) PNC Bank promptly refused her payments (she had paid a month in advance) claiming that she was late. (We know that the servicers get paid considerably more for handling loans in default.) She was sued in 2009 by Federal National Mortgage Corporation (FNMC–Fannie Mae.) She was telling me that she was being sued by Federal National City Mortgage (she had tried to create a name out the the acronym which was that of her original lender.) When I told her that Federal National Mortgage Corporation is Fannie Mae, she was stunned. I told her that most people don’t even know who is suing them in foreclosure when they come to see me. Why is Deutsche Bank suing me? What is the Federal National Mortgage Company? My loan was with Wells Fargo, so why is HSBC suing me? Etc.
    I believe that MERS was created for the purpose of concealing the identity of the real party in interest for securitization schemes and promoted as having the benefit of saving transfer taxes on multiple sales. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were among the original creators of MERS. They were also the originators of the securitization process. They promoted securitization by investing in securitized loans. They must be stopped NOW. They are in US government conservatorship and are operating on taxpayer’s funds. They need to be liquidated.
    Matt is absolutely right in this video and the national security issue cannot be understated.

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