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The Wall Street Wizards Caused All of This- Will They Starve Us Next?

global-unrestWe all know that the mess this country faces is primarily the result of high stakes games that were played by Wall Street’s financial wizards.   The derivitives, the swaps, the pricing….it was all a game that was played both for and against all of us.   Shelter and Food are the two pillars of human existence.   They’ve gutted our shelter….now they’ve moved on to an even more vital commodity….FOOD!

WASHINGTON — Since July, the price of corn has jumped 62 percent. Wheat has climbed by two-thirds, and soybeans are 38 percent more expensive. For many of the world’s poorest citizens, the costs of both basic necessities and things that make life bearable are climbing out of reach: sugar has jumped by 81 percent, tea by 42 percent and arabica coffee by more than a quarter. Soybean oil has risen by half and fuel, overall, is a quarter more expensive than it was this summer.

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