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The ReTHUGliCON Convention in Okalahoma…Bullying and Cracking Down On Democracy…..

The Republican nomination process is not just plagued by fraud, lies and manipulation….the reporting of incident after incident shows that it’s nothing more than a poorly orchestrated roadside carnival…
I can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for us when the circus rolls into Tampa in August!
There is no question, the ReTHUGliCONs are using every dirt trick in their closely held and constantly evolving book to subvert the will of vast swaths of their own party.   Bound Delegates? Unbound Delegates? Roll Call Vote? Paper Ballot? Qualified Delegate? Unqualified Delegate?
Doesn’t matter, they make it up as it goes along….and it’s creating chaos that will only continue to build until Tampa.
Meanwhile, the mainstream media coverage of the Ron Paul phenomena is entirely antagonistic and in insult to commonsense.   The mainstream media fails to address real issues, and too many Americans are still stuck like zombies hypnotized by the lies of the media….
Take a look at a brawl in Oklahoma
This disgusting example of Ron Paul Coverage

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