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Foreclosure Defense Florida

The Next Battleground: OCCUPYOURHOMES.ORG!

Our nation’s political and legal system, now owned and controlled nearly completely by the banks and institutions, are running up against a very real and formidable threat that is finally getting their attention.

Courts have been slow to recognize the futility and inequity of throwing citizens into the street, especially with so much fraud and improper conduct coursing through our legal system.   Once again, I am not a free house guy.   I want families in homes, paying for insurance, paying for taxes, paying for homeowners association dues, keeping power on and preserving the home.

If the banks want to continue foreclosures, go right ahead, but spend your time focusing on homes that are vacant or abandoned and on homes where the homeowner has not defended.

From just a very practical perspective why don’t the banks stop fighting the small number of foreclosures that are defended and focus on ones that are abandoned?

We don’t need legislation this year to speed up foreclosures, we need common sense.   Banksters, focus on your abandoned, non-defended homes and let the bankers focus on getting reasonable payments out of homeowners.