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The NDAA, Dismantling The Constitution and Desecrating Civil Rights – A National Call To Action

There will come a time when all Americans will regret that they all stood passively by while the Constitution, The Bill of Rights and ultimately the sacred ground we were all entrusted to protect called America was dismantled, in slow motion, right in front of every single one of us.

They did it right before our eyes. All of our rights, and all of what it meant to be an American, taken from our fat, sticky hands like a dog snatches candy out of a baby’s hand.   And no one did anything at all about it.   We all woke up every morning and went to our meaningless jobs, where we all just fed the tyrannical machine that was grinding us all down.   And when each day was done, we went home, plopped down in front of the television and gorged our mushy brains on the putrid poison and meaningless drivel fed to us every night by the corporate and government controlled media….a nation of 360 million addled fools.   Addled by drugs, addled by alcohol, addled by utterly meaningless nonsense that we shoot into our veins every single day like a strung out heroin junkie.

And where are the attorneys in all of this?   No, not the caricature of an attorney framed in the 1-800-Accident ads, no the attorneys that took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of The United States of America, those attorneys who understand that the highest calling of the profession is to stand up and sacrifice everything to serve the interests of those who are suffering the most among us all.   I still believe that in the midst of this terrible epoch in American history a lawyer class will emerge that will forever change the perception of the profession in the eyes of the world…

If only attorneys would heed the epic call to action…


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