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The National Mortgage Settlement….Detailing The Countless Ways The Banks Are Violating……(where is the enforcement?)

Servicer shall ensure that factual assertions made in pleadings
(complaint, counterclaim, cross-claim, answer or similar
pleadings), bankruptcy proofs of claim (including any facts
provided by Servicer or based on information provided by the
Servicer that are included in any attachment and submitted to
establish the truth of such facts) (” POC”), Declarations, affidavits,
and sworn statements filed by or on behalf of Servicer in judicial
foreclosures or bankruptcy proceedings and notices of default,
notices of sale and similar notices submitted by or on behalf of
Servicer in non-judicial foreclosures are accurate and complete and
are supported by competent and reliable evidence. Before a loan is
referred to non-judicial foreclosure, Servicer shall ensure that it has
reviewed competent and reliable evidence to substantiate the
borrower’s default and the right to foreclose, including the
borrower’s loan status and loan information.
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  • Karen says:

    I am in California servicers like Ocwen Nationstar have taken over servicing rights to several of the mortgage from the banks that were in the settlement they are not following the California Bill of Rights or the 49 State Settlement. notice of default have not been refilled misleading or forged documents are still filled in recorders offices all over the state and Notice of Trustee sales are based on forged robo signed document without the true beneficiary in some cases the servicers above buy the houses in my opinion there deed stealing but are government does not care about the people and will let the abuse continue until another bubble occurs!!

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