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The Massive Screw Job That Is The GMAC Bankruptcy…and the Billions of Dollars that taxpayers are being gouged….WILL IT EVER STOP?

From Naked Capitalism:
naked-capitalismEvery time it appears that the OCC foreclosure reviews have hit bottom they sink further into the morass. Our latest example comes from a petition GMAC/ResCap filed as part of their bankruptcy. This example shows how banks are spending simply staggering, implausible amounts of money on foreclosure ” reviews”, and how keen they are to enrich anyone other than wronged borrowers. Given that some of these foreclosure reviewers are also in the business of ” scrubbing” loan files and creating (as in fabricating) allonges, you have to wonder whether the amount of money being spent is not on review but also ” remediation” and is being bundled in with the review costs. Think of the twofer: you get to call your chicanery something else, and blame the cost on the banks’ favorite scapegoat, those big meanie regulators.
This information comes from a petition GMAC/ResCap filed as part of their bankruptcy and exposes the multiple and pricey roles being played by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (hat tip friend, colleague, and foreclosure defense super lawyer Matt Weidner).

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