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The Fox Running The Henhouse- Elizabeth Warren Outed By Obama…

ex-bankerElizabeth Warren is about the only person I’ve heard in the middle of this year’s long debate over the attack of the White Collar Criminal Oligarchy that seems to be standing up for real people.   And because of that she’s been getting hammered, crushed, beat up and kicked.

Famously by that little twit Patrick McHenry, little man with a Congressional seat from North Carolina.   And once again, it appears that the big shot bankers have won this fight….if the Bloomberg report is correct, a former Deutsche Bank Exec might be appointed to lead the agency tasked with protecting consumers….wow…just think about that….

I find myself continually wondering, “What event or events will finally cause the great sleeping giant called the American People to wake up?”


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  • John Anderson says:

    Obama’s actions are for the most part, are controlled by the same people who control both major parties.
    I do not know the agenda of this group, but I do see the effect of their control, starting with the Kennedy coup.
    The divide and conquer technique has been applied most effectively, pitting one group, against another, us verses them.
    A big thing to remember is that if half our taxes go to paying our national debt interest somebody is making “FED” a hellava lot of money off the US staying in debt.
    If this debt was eliminated we could lower our taxes ” all taxes should be paid at the 7/11, no IRS ” by half.
    Getting rid of the debt, by bankruptcy or the selling off of all the gold in Fort Knox, part of the 72% of the land in this country owned by our government, to our citizens is the only way to sustain our screwed up system.
    Then we need the right to cast our vote on the issues our city, county, state and federal lawmakers are voting on, to keep corruption from taking over again.
    Of course all of this will require a revolution of some sort. I hope it will be a revolution of common cause and common sense.

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