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The Foreclosure Rocket Docket, You Tell Me What The Numbers Mean….

Foreclosure-recoveryIf you’re reading this blog, I’m going to go way out on a limb and give you credit for being one of the smartest persons on your block. I think there’s a pretty good bet you’re far more in tune than a big portion of the population of zombies wandering around out there.

And now, I want to ask for your input….your analysis.   You are all bright people with many important professional and analytical skills…I want to know what you think these numbers mean…..

I would like to share my opinions, my thoughts, my commentary, but.   Well.   I’m not.   I can’t. I won’t. Unfortunately.   But I’m very, very interested in what all of you think these numbers mean…..

Please read, then log in and leave your comments for all the other readers to consider….

Third Quarter of FY 2010-11 Status Report